RoyalPurpleRose 51F
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2/8/2006 12:58 pm

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3/5/2006 9:27 pm


I found your letter today
Probably one you never meant to send
Your angry words like razors
Cutting so very deep
Making me bleed

What can open your eyes
So you see he isn’t true
That he is playing with your heart
Calling it ‘Love’
Until you bleed

You blame me for all your pain
Swearing you can’t be happy
Til you’re in his arms again
Ignoring that he’s holding another
Until you bleed

You won’t lash out
Not a single word will I hear
You refuse to see the truth
Punishing me with your tears
Making me bleed

Copyright © 2006 RPR

LadySunrise 33F  
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2/10/2006 12:37 am

wow!! thats pretty deep!!!

live more, laugh often, love much

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