Confusion and boredom  

RoxyMarie1013 30F
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3/4/2006 7:17 am

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3/5/2006 9:27 pm

Confusion and boredom

So here I am wondering what in hell im doing on AdultFriendFinder. I'm 18 and I've only had sex with one person, who I am in a very committed relationship with and who I love with all my heart, but if that's true...then again why am I here?
I honestly don't know if I'm here to just see the responses I get, or to actually go through with any of it. I'm bored though, and it's somewhat exciting to think of engaging in sex with someone else other than my boyfriend.
I mean I'm 18, and I've been in a relationship for one year, and it's the real deal. But sometimes I wonder if I'm lucky to have found someone this early in the game. I didn't have a chance to explore or date outside of highschool. But then again I don't have to search my entire life for "the one." I already found it. So why am I so confused?
I shouldn't be thinking things like this, I'm a honest, Christian girl. Yet I also can't help my desires for something more.
And it's obvious to know that I didn't fall for looks. I mean he's cute but that's not why I love him. I use to date jocks. I mean captain of the football team etc. And I sometimes regret keeping my virginity. I mean losing it was safe and with someone who I trusted. And most people have memories that they wouldn't mind forgetting when it comes to losing their virginity. And mine seems like it was to safe, boring I guess.
I mean if it's not obvious that I'm totally confused in this update, you should probably get yourself some glasses. Cause it's written in every sentence in every word. But that's enough for now. It's 10:15 Am and I have yet to sleep.

Night <3

rm_Spitfire450 30M
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3/4/2006 9:47 am

Hi, you know I'm not trying to sound mean or anything but I just feel like todays girl don't make a big deal about fidelity, seriously, yes you're a cutie and I think any boy would like to "try" you (me first) but, that you can get laid with ease doesn't mean that you have to, If you're bored sexually then try someTHING different and not somebody.. If it really only is sex the problem I think that you should try to make it better with your guy.. there's tons of way to improve it.. trying somebody else will lead to mothing, if it's better than it'll just make things worse.. a penis is a penis..

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