Bar Hopping  

Roxie2006 49F
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2/16/2006 10:57 pm

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9/6/2006 5:26 pm

Bar Hopping

I had my first experience at bar hopping tonight. I think that it went as well as expected. I do think that I am not cut out for the bar scene. Too much alcohol and way too much smoke. Man, I guess that a person cannot drink without smoking a cigarette. I stunk by the time I got home. Had to strip naked in front of the washing machine and put those clothes into the washer.
Then went straight to the shower to clean all of the smoke out of my pores. After a nice hot shower I still can smell the smoke. What could make a drink taster better? A cigarette during or after. Yuck!!!!
The food was good at each bar that we went to. The drinks tasted the same to me at each of the bars. Drank ice water at the last two just to make sure that I was sober enough to drive home. And YES, it was over 3 hours after my second drink that I got behind the wheel. I was very sober. The wind was awful on the road. So I am really glad that I stopped drinking long before I drove home.
Could someone please tell me what the purpose is for hopping from one bar to the next. The drinks tasted the same at each bar. Food tasted exactly the same. Water was just as good at each of them. And plenty of ice in the water. I just do not get it. What is the purpose or reasoning behind going to different bars in the same night? I hope that someone will leave a comment about my blog and explain it to me.
Drinking is not very fun, I am tired, have a bad taste in my mouth, (and yes, I have brushed my teeth), have had to pee about 10 times tonight just for 2 drinks or rum and coke and 2 glasses of water. If I drank 2 drinks and 2 glasses of water shouldn't I pee like 4 times? NO!!! I have peed about 10 times this evening. Where is it all coming from?
The people were a lot of fun to be around, we got into some silly conversations and then had some really good serious conversations. People that drink are fun to be around. They laugh at the dumbest jokes, find everything amusing, and think that they are comedians.
Man, you mean to tell me that this is all it is cut out to be? Just funny people? Acting all crazy because the have had too much to drink? For me it takes all of the fun out of it. I like having fun without drinking, so I guess that I am the one with the issues or problems.
If anyone can enlighten me on the virtues of drinking, please send me an email or post to this blog. I would love to see this through someone else's eyes.
Ok, Good Night Darlins. See you in my dreams.

penguinluvr 58M
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3/10/2006 10:08 am

The reason you had to pee so much is alcohol is a diuretic, it forces the water out of your body and makes you pee (and sweat, but that's another tale). I seldom drink, when I do I prefer Scotch or Shiner, never both in the same day or night. Getting back to the evil effects of alcohol one of the reasons people get hangovers is the dehydrating effects of booze on the brain. Brain function is very dependent on proper hydration, just a little too much or little can really screw you up and make your eyes look like this and your tummy feel like this. Have fun yall.

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