Spider Sense  

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12/19/2005 9:09 pm

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Spider Sense

I guess that's the closest I can come to explaining it. My office is a small converted house on a busy street, and is along a pretty quiet side street. I was in the stockroom, getting orders ready to go and I felt that buzz in the back of my head. Something was different nearby.

I walk up the steps and look out the back door. I can see anything with the nieghbors tree in my way. I walk up the next steps into the kitchenette. That's when I see what looks like Big's car.

I turn around and casually go outside to my minivan and open the backgate. Indeed, it is Big! Yea!!! I grab his box of presents and go back inside. Once everybody left for lunch, I went out to the car again to get the box of presents i was sending out today. I take those back inside and downstairs. As soon as the box is on the floor, my cell phone buzzes.

"Hi Sug. You can come on in now."

"How did you know I was here?" Big asked.

I laughed and told him to hurry up.

I have to stand on a step to be a bit taller than him. Big gave me a hug, that I can still feel. I took him up to my desk and sat him in my chair. I sat on my desk and pulled him close. Just to put my fingers in his hair and kiss him. I knew our time would be short, I wasted it none of it, to unbutton his shirts to kiss his chest and nipples. Undo his belt, buttons and zipper, get those pants and boxer briefs off. I held his cock gently as I licked around the head, to suck and swallow it all. Big was playing with my hair, running his hands through it and holding out of my way. Big has a way of saying fuck that is so deeply sexy. When he told me that he missed my lips. That just really made me work him harder and faster. I massaged his legs and back. That was too much for him. Ooooh, good stuff.

Big helped me up and held me on his lap. Then he stood me up and was so helpful in taking care of me. Between his kisses and fingers on my clit, I was pinned between him and my desk. My toes just barely holding me up and with my legs shaking so hard. woweewowwow.

Just before Big left, I gave him the Christmas presents.
"What are you doing?" He asked
"Giving you a box." I replied.

We go through the whole you didnt have to, I wanted to, thing. That's when he said something that made me smile.

"I know what you like but what do you like?"
"That is what you'll have to figure out."

I wished him a happy christmas and told him to be safe.

If Big happens to figure out what I want, thats good. I won't say it out loud, here.

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