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9/24/2005 6:04 pm

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I finally got to meet the man that was driving me to complete distraction. Oh, what a meeting. When I saw him, he had just the biggest smile. I did something, I rarely do the first time I meet someone; i gave him a hug. The scent of his cologne and skin itself were enough to make my knees go wobbley.

When he spoke to me, I could wrap myself up entirely in his voice. The first kiss lit by street lights, was powerful and strong. You have little choice but to submit.

I had in mind the things I could do to him. Such strong and built shoulders and arms. I found out he really meant what he im'd me. Not just a pleaser, a sort of dominate pleaser who wants to watch you submit to your feelings and in a way to him.

His hand was so warm against the back of my head. Just the heat from one hand was enough to lift the tension from my head. A hand that covered the back my head, a hand that could crush a beer can held my head so gently. Fingers playing in my hair and on the back of my neck. Just remembering that touch now, makes me woozy.

With my hands on his shoulders and neck, kissing him was delicious. There was a softness to firm lips. I could feel his hand, lift up my skirt and touch my leg. From my knee, he could feel my stockings, till he reached my upper thigh, to realized it was a thigh hi. I felt my body jolt, as he laid his hand on top of my pussy. I was already aroused, but this was something different. His finger felt all around me, and found my clit. How he was working those fingers on my wanting clit, was exqusite torture. As I kissed him, I think I even whispered to him that I wanted more.

More, he gave me, fingers inside and a thumb on my clit, was electrifying. That hand that held my head, grasped my hair to pull me back just a litle for a kiss so hard, I could barely breathe. Then that feeling of hitting the wall happened, before I even recognize the feeling, I exploded. Hot, wet, legs trembling, barely breathing - the ice had melted from me.

He went on with me like this for several more times. I can only hope he received such exquisite pleasure, when I had the chance to to take his entire cock into my mouth. As I sucked and tongued his cock. I followed as he gently instructed me to suck his balls. i heard such pleasurable sighs, when he thought he was getting to close, he had me stop and worked my completely wet,achingly hot pussy till I fell over backward.

How wet and hot I was when I climbed on top of him, to take that hard cock inside of me. it felt so good to go all the way down. I came down on him, he came up to me, breathing hard, drenched in juices and sweat, he pounded away at me, till we came together for that last time.

Today, I could swear that I imagined it or maybe dreamed it all together. Except for one small bit of proof. A palm print and five fingertips bruise makes for a great souvenior on my ass.

If there is a next time, i want time for him to sit or lay still, while I get to do to him.
I wonder if he has any idea, how sexy he truly is.

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