A chance to pamper  

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11/2/2005 8:08 am

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A chance to pamper

After finding out about most of the trauma Mr.Big has inflicted on his legs, I went about researching on the best massage techniques for these injuries. I had a crash course saturday night.

Yesterday, I got a chance to work on Big. When it being cold and rainy, I knew the legs would be a little sensitive. I heated towels in the dryer. By warming his skin, I can increase the blood flow to the areas I will work on.

When he got to me, yesterday morning. I wasted no time in getting him naked on the bed. Since he has a difficult time making nights, I did my best to turn the room the night. One candle, flickering in a room of darkness, gave me enough light to see what I was doing.

I asked some questions about which way I had my hands, the amount of pressure and such to get a feel for his legs. When I really could feel under the skin to the muscles - holy krispykrack. The scar tissue from the skin injuries, have intertwined with the torn muscle tissue. ON Both LEGS! How could anyone give him a massage and not feel the tears in the muscles? How is it that he is allowed to work around with his legs in that kind of condition?

Big requested that I do the back of his legs and his back. I did. He thought it was pampering. I thought what I was doing was a pretty standard thing.

I could work on Big's body for hours and still not be able to be able to open my own wine cooler bottles.

If Mr. Big is reading this, next time I work those legs of yours longer and stronger, because I have felt what I am dealing with.

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