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8/7/2006 5:57 pm
The Hitchhiker...

Halfway through the July super-heated desert the motor mount gave way
the engine of my old car fell with a thud onto the cross member. When
it fell, it broke the wire to the coil and stopped. There was no
question about it. I was in deep trouble.

I stood beside the disabled vehicle, garnering what little shade I could
from the open hood and hoped, yearned, for some kind soul passing by to
stop and offer me a ride.

Half an hour passed without so much another car crossing that steaming
highway to hell. Thirst became my tormentor. The sun burned my eyes.
My ears strained to catch the throb of an approaching engine. I
fantasied throwing myself out onto the highway to force any passing car
or truck to stop to take me to safety.

Another hour passed. Suppertime. Just as hope faded a car, speeding
like a bullet zipped past me. I saw the brake lights come on. It
stopped, reversed, drew near, and a back door flung open.

Without a question I leaped in. Little did I know the absolute magic of
my good fortune.

The young couple in the front seat had been fighting. She had caught
him fucking her best friend. He had claimed it was her fault because
she was so unadventurous and predictable. Their air conditioner had
proven unequal to the heat so he had removed his shirt and she had
unbuttoned her blouse. The shiny pink bra wrapped around her chest was
wet through with sweat.

He drove fast. They continued their argument, paying me no attention.
The fight turned to threats and dares. Each one more outrageous than
the one before.

"I'd fuck your ass if it weren't stuck clear up to your head in a tight
little ball."

"Yeah, well, I'd suck your cock if it was big enough to wrap my lips

"If you had a pussy worth screwing, I'd nail you on the stage of the
first strip joint in Nevada we get to."

"You couldn't fuck anything except your hand. You wouldn't know what to
do with a real pussy if it stared you in the face."

"Ahmm." I cleared my throat, reminding them both that an eavesdropper
was only inches away.

He said, "Prove it."

She said, "You want me to."

He said, "Do whatever you like. I don't care anymore."

Without a word she twisted upside down, head on the floor, lets over the
back of the seat, parted wise, offering me a view of her pink panties,
wet with her juices, bordered by curly black hairs at the crotch, and
said to me, "Eat me."

My own erection had risen, listening to their fight, to uncomfortable
length. The thirst and hunger fell aside before another urgency
building during the fight. Looking at her wetness, at the bulge of her
pubis, at her long white legs drawing me into the vortex, at her tits
bouncing under the silky bra, I found I was equal to the task.

But, I was still a guest in someone else's car, someone else's life. I
asked him, "Should I?"

He said, "Sure, she deserves whatever you do."

I said, "Okay. But first I want you naked. And I want you to do
whatever I say. No questions. No arguments. Just obey."

She accepted the dare without a word, sat up and pulled the bra up,
showing me two huge tits with rivulets of sweat coursing down the Sides.

"Blouse," I said.


"Skirt," I said.


"I'll do the panties," I said. And she knelt on the seat, facing me,
hands on my shoulders, smiling.

Hungrily I ripped the elastic waistband down halfway so the rich mat of
her hair peeked over the top.

She started to quiver. He drove faster, watching her, watching me in
the mirror.

"Put the cigarette lighter in your ass," I said.

She stared at me, disbelieving.

"Now!," I said.

Her hand crept across the dash, pulled out the unheated lighter, and
swayed toward her backside.


"I'll do it myself" I commanded, "Ass up."

Obediently she knelt on the seat, head against the dash, her rounded
smooth globes in the air. In one smooth motion I shrugged down the
offending panties, took the lighter from her trembling hand, wet it with
my mouth and plunged it in her winking brown hold to the hilt.

She yelped in pain and humiliation. Slowly, with my thumb, I pressed it
in, deeper and deeper, till my hand could reach no farther, buried in
bung, grinning at the thought of her shitting lighters. She tired to
pull away but he grabber her tit and squeezed so hard that another pain
flooded over the horizon her threshold and she accepted my thumb fucking
with a loud slurping sound.

"Do you have a flashlight?" I asked him.

"Glove box," he answered.

"Get it," I commanded the woman.

She fumbled with the lock, released it, and reluctantly release it into
my grip.

It was one of those medium sized plastic models larger at the head than
at the base.

Against the darkening night I switched it on, playing the beam up and
down her exposed pussy.

Taking out my pocket knife I cut a small "X" on the inner sides of each
leg just to see her blood. She squealed with pain. As she jerked up,
with a quick motion I cut through her panties leaving her defenseless
against my desire, quivering with fear, wishing she'd never started this

I reached over and pressed the head into her mouth, wetting it with her
spit, my right hand milking her pussy, opening her lips, preparing her
for the assault of the light brigade.

Sensing my next move, he grinned and pulled out his straining cock from
his shorts.

The flashlight thoroughly lubricated, I withdrew it from her mouth and
slowly rotated it against her furry pussy. I always liked a hairy pussy
and hers was the best. Her hairs were darker and thicker than the hair
on her head. I pulled them up and down, pinched her pink clit, and
opened wider the hold of her femaleness like a long tunnel of lust
before me. Sensing her readiness I slowly rotated the flashlight into
her pussy, enjoying the view. The light glowed from her insides through
her hairs and up into her lower belly.

He slowed, then stopped the car, admiring my work. With half the
flashlight protruding from her pussy like an artificial dick, she
writhed against the coming climax, tiger sounds boiling up out of her
throat, eyes glazed with lust, head rolling from side to side against
the edge of the seat.

I pushed it farther in, beyond her comfort zone, till the pain wrestled
against the ecstacy, heightening her sensations beyond anything in her
previous experience.

"A little light fuck?" I asked him

"Yeah," he drooled.

And she whimpered, spent with the effort, ready for my next command.

"Out," I ordered, "On the hood."

Awkwardly with the flashlight and the lighter plugging her two nether
holes she collapsed out the door and hobbled to the front of the car. I
shoved her back across the hood. The heat of the metal seared her naked
back. "Grab the wipers," I barked.

She did. Torment, shame, and eager lust rolled like clothes in a dryer
in her fogged brain.

Biting her pubic hair in my teeth I jerked her from side to side like a
dog with a rat, loving her cries, feeling the heat from the engine, her
bones, her lust.

He cried, "Me first," and with a blast of energy jerked out the
flashlight and thrust his angry member to the hilt in her sopping
pussy. I smiled, watching them rut like rabbits in a cage, content that
the argument was settled.

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