The First Time...  

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8/7/2006 5:33 pm
The First Time...

Where do I begin? It started out as a simple flirtation. I would see her in the
hallway and just tease her a bit. She would tease back. After a while we started
going out for lunch, nothing serious. After a few outings we went out with
others after work for a drink or two. We played pool, played a few games. We did
the things you do while drinking. I never gave it any thought. But it seems that
she did. One of the times she went out with friends with out me, she had a
little too much to drink and started saying how much she missed me and wished I
were there. She carried on and finally had to be consoled by a friend. Of course
I didn't learn of this until the following Monday when my friends told me about
it. Once again I didn't give it a thought.

As time went on our outings at lunch got a little a little more intense. One
time she adjusted my tie and pinched my nipple when she did it. I told her I
would get even for that. The next time we went out we started to fool around a
bit and I pinched her nipple. She just laughed. Other times she would leave her
blouse unbuttoned enough for me to see her breasts and nipples. She didn't ever
wear a bra! I got a real good look at what I thought were the best and biggest
nipples I ever saw.

It took a while but some time but I eventually kissed her. They were soft
kisses, just a meeting of the lips. Now I am not what you call a good kisser but
she didn't mind. She worked with me and taught me how to kiss her and do it
well. So our outings at lunch became a bit more passionate. Mostly kissing and
stuff. I never tried to touch her or push it any farther than kisses. To me,
that was totally innocent. I'm a married man and didn't want to press things to
far. But things would soon change.

I was having a few problems at home. My wife and I were not getting along. We
seemed to be arguing and fighting all the time. It got to the point that I
thought we would separate and divorce. It seamed like she was mad at me all the
time. Our sex life had gone to hell. She wouldn't even let me kiss her. Let
alone let me touch her. Now my wife has always had problems with sex but I
thought she was working them out.

I guess I was wrong. I was pretty frustrating. I took my troubles to work and to
the bars after work. It was one of those days. I was tired from work; it was
stressful and it had really gotten me down. It was a Friday and Sally had a
birthday that weekend. So I took her out after work to have a few drinks. She
did not want to go to a bar. So I bought a six pack of wine coolers, wine
coolers were her favorite drink. We went to the beach as it was close to where
we worked. I nursed my cooler while she drank hers. I was still on my first
drink and she had begun her second already.

We just sat and talked. Mostly we talked about nothing, small talk the kind you
do when you are comfortable with each other. Soon the talk got slow and we got
lost in our own thoughts. She looked so fragile and innocent. Like she would
break if you touched her hard or the wrong way. The car had bucket seats so we
were not sitting that close to each other. She kind of leaned towards me. She
was quite close by now. I leaned towards her. We looked at each other's eyes.
Then kissed. This was not a peck stolen at lunch.

This had feeling behind it. She slipped her tongue into my mouth and moved it
around which caught me by surprise. But I didn't back away. I let her do with my
mouth what ever she wanted. After a few moments we broke away. I was feeling
something, something I had never felt before. To me, this was something special.
I'm sure she felt the same way. Her eyes were glazed, her breathing fast. Almost
like she was out of breath. I'm sure I looked the same way. Then she said, "I
have got to have you!"

At first I didn't know what she meant. Then it slowly hit me. She wanted to take
me to bed. Now I never saw myself as a great lover or being that well endowed.
She said please take me somewhere. She became very impatient. She got real
nervous and fidgety. Now this was something I had never done before even when I
was single. I wasn't sure what to do. We drove around a while and found a motel
where we could get a room for a couple of hours. You should have seen me filling
out the registration card. I was as nervous as hell. My hands were shaking; I
made up a name to put on the card. Now that I think of it I don't think they
even kept the card. We went to the room.

You didn't need a key because the door was unlocked. Guess they had a lot of
people that came here doing the same thing we were doing. We went inside and
kissed some more. This time she slowed me down and showed me how to kiss her
right. She showed me how to move my tongue to give her pleasure. How to tilt my
head as best to make kissing easier. She taught me how to part my lips just the
right way. I guess it was my turn to be impatient. As I fumbled with her shirt
it I unbuttoned it with shaking fingers. When it came off, there were her fully
exposed breasts for the first time.

Now Sally is a black lady of a smaller stature. Her breasts were not real big.
But they were well rounded and full. Her nipples stuck out like the erasers on a
pencil. I placed my mouth over them and tasted them; I went from one nipple to
the other. Just mouthing and licking them as I went. Then I removed her pants;
she had on blue panties. They fit her ever so tight. She had a great ass, it was
full and round like you would expect a black woman's butt to be, it stuck out
and seem like it formed a small shelf where her butt ended and her back began.
Her bush was full as well.

This was the first time I had ever touched a black woman's hair, on her head or
other places. It was soft as can be. I never had relations with a black woman
before and I guess I thought her hair would be hard and stiff, like steel wool.
People are always saying that black people have kinky hair. I was thinking in
that old stereotype way. Man was I ever wrong. Her hair was soft and silky. I
enjoyed the way it felt. Then it was my turn to get undressed. Like I said
before I did not think I was endowed enough for her. And was a little ashamed.
She reached down and touched me, it gave me the shivers.

As she held me in her hands she said, "you're plenty big enough." As she held me
I got bigger than I ever got before. I became as hard as a steel spike. I
couldn't wait to get her in bed. Again she slowed me down. Showed me how to
place my hands and gently rub her. I moved my hands over her breasts and down
her ass. I followed her crack with my fingers. I felt her stomach and legs. My
fingers touched her face. I explored her entire body. Then I made my way down to
her vagina. I pushed my middle finger in and my thumb found her clitoris. Her
pussy was warm and wet. My thumb made small circles over her clit. It gave her
so much pleasure that she moan out load, I was in bliss.

It came time to make love to her. I had trouble at first I was all thumbs, and
couldn't do anything right. I was in a hurry to get at her. She seemed to always
know when to slow me down. She took my member and guided it to her vagina. She
put the head right at her "V". When I entered her it slid in ever so slow, and
then I started to work at it and began to pump. She did things that made me feel
like a king. The action of her body, the way she moved. Every little movement
did something to me, I felt like a porn star. Of course being the first time I
tended to be a little quick on the trigger.

I pulled out and shot cum all over her pussy, stomach, and chest. I put my hands
on it and rubbed it in. She put her hands on mine and rubbed with me. The act of
making love to her made me feel great. But I had tired myself out. I fell over
to one side and rested next to her. Her body felt warm and cool at the same
time. Her nipples were still hard. I felt them and the rest of her body. She
looked at me and ran her hands over my body. Giving me the chills and making me
squirm and shake. Her hands were both soft and rough. I think the roughness was
because of the type of job she did at work. It was still very enjoyable.

As we rested we just looked at each other, not saying anything. Our eyes just
wandered over each other. After a while she got up to take a shower. As she
walked to the bathroom she looked back and called to me. I followed her into the

In the shower, she lathered me up and I lathered her. As she lathered my groin,
the motions of her hands again made me hard again. She saw this and took control
once again. She fondled my member as I held her. Once again we made love. This
time standing up, I never did that before either. As I pushed her hard against
the shower wall I closed my eyes and was in bliss once again. I pump her, and
kept pumping until I came. Twice in just under an hour, again, something that
I've never done. I think it had a lot to do with the situation. Afterwards we
dried off and got dressed.

All of a sudden I got a case of the guilt's. I started mumbling to myself
feeling I had done wrong. Sally came over to me. She put her arms around me she
and kissed me. It was a gentle kiss; she looked me in the straight in the eyes.
And said, "Now we had fun, you worked out all your tensions, now you can go home
to your wife and fuck her like you never fucked her before." And I did just
that! I amazed myself that I could perform again after the afternoon delight I
experience earlier. The wife even commented that she enjoyed my lovemaking. She
said I had never kissed her like that. She came out of the pattern and mood she
had been in. It made me think that maybe it was not all her fault. Maybe I was
bringing home my work problems from work.

All I know is that next time I get myself stressed out. I would have another
rendezvous with Sally.

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