European Vacation...!  

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8/8/2006 2:34 pm
European Vacation...!

The time I went to Germany to pay Chrissie a visit went so much better than I
had expected...

I went with a friend of mine, Phil, for two reasons - one for moral support if
things went wrong and two he'd heard all about the things Chrissie could do in
the bedroom and I guess he hoped he'd be introduced to some of her like-minded

We were apprehensive when collected from the airport by Chris and her aunt,
Heike, who, it has to be said was a very young aunt. Heike was about 5ft 6 quite
a slim build but with large-ish firm breasts under a pale grey t-shirt, her hair
was a mousey brown...she was pretty. Chris smiled as we came through customs and
gave me a big kiss and Phil, who she'd met a few times before, a hug "We're ok
here" I thought.

The plan was that we would all stay at Heike's house for the day and night then
drive down to Chrissie's parent's place some 120 kms away the following day.

I was dead tired after a long flight so once at Heike's I made my way to the
bedroom and was soon sound asleep. Phil followed me in later and was soon sound
asleep in the chair in the corner of the room having read only a page or two of
his book. Some hours later I awoke as Heike came in with some hot minty scented
tea. I sat up in bed, I wore just my boxers in bed and felt a little awkward but
also slightly turned on to be naked so close to this attractive woman, my cock

Heike and I made small talk and we sat and sipped on the tea, learned that there
was no "Mr Heike", in fact I started to learn a lot about her in a short space
of time as she chatted away. Suddenly I was aware of her had touching my leg,
our eyes met "Chrissie's told me ALL about you and her " she rather worryingly
said. Chrissie did like to talk of our sexual activity...but it had always been
to my benefit...was this going to be to my benefit too I wondered? I glanced
over at Phil, he was pretending to be asleep but he had a smile on his face and
had moved to be facing us. I looked back at Heike and realised that she was a
very horny woman, I couldn't judge the age, mid 30's perhaps? "Where is Chris?"
I asked.

She'd gone out I was told, and with that Heike leant forward and started to kiss
me full on the lips, her tongue darting into my mouth. My cock grew as she moved
her warm hands up to my inner thigh and caressed my heavy balls. I slid a hand
under her t-shirt to discover that she wore no bra, her tits were naturally
pert! She rolled back the bed clothes and my cock sprung to attention, she
pulled off my boxers, gently she began to rub my cock up and down while I
wrestled her t-shirt off and sucked first at the left then her right nipple till
they were stiff and hard.

"Get out of bed and stand up where I can get to you properly" she commanded. I
stood by the bed and she knelt down in front of me. Phil was wide awake, Heike
had her back to him, he looked at me, then at my stiff cock and pulled a face.
"What about Phil?" I asked "Oh, he can watch or help or whatever" she said
casually! I motioned to Phil, he stood up and quickly removed his clothes. His
cock was rock hard too, he jerked on it as he walked across the room and
positioned himself at Heike's side. Heike smiled and gently stroked us both at
the same time. Then she did a funny thing, she took a swig of the hot tea in her
mouth then clamped her mouth over my cock! The feeling was ecstatic as the hot
liquid flowed round my shaft. She swallowed the tea and began to expertly blow
me - long hard strokes, now her hands clutched my ass cheeks while Phil wanked
himself at the sight before him.

She kept glancing to her right and I realised she could see all our reflections
in a tall mirror. My hands stroked her hair, occasionally tugging at it which
gained her nod and grunt of approval. She stopped sucking and turned to Phil,
running her tongue over his cock and balls at the same time massaging my balls
with her hand. "Pull my hair hard Mark" she said "I fucking deserve it for being
so rude!" she added. She clamped back on my dick and I pulled her head back and
forth with her hair. I now realised she had one hand down the front of her
panties, feeling herself. She took another swig of the tea, moved to Phil again
and then he had that burning sensation! "Shit man! This woman's hot" Phil
groaned. She returned to me, I began to fuck her face faster moving her head up
and down my shaft, my cock swollen to new dimensions! Heike moved back, off my
cock and began to gently masturbate me with one hand while doing the same to
Phil. She murmured in broken English "I want your cum all over me guys, cum on
my face , treat me dirty like the naughty woman that I am...What kinda whore
would do this to her niece's boyfriends while she was out?...Don't I disgust
you?" But she didn't - she just turned us on!

But I guessed it was all a game so we gave her the abuse she wanted, calling her
every name under the sun..."I'm gonna cum on your face and you're going to lick
every last drop off, then I'm gonna fuck your pussy with my fingers till you
cum, I'll stick my fingers up your asshole too...then I'll make you watch
Chrissie and me fuck, but you can't join in, you'll do whatever we can
lick Chrissie's ass while I fuck her" I snarled "Yeah, I'm gonna fuck your cunt
and your ass while Mark fucks that teenie whore niece of yours!" Phil added. All
nonsense but it turned all of us on so much that a large drop of pre cum oozed
from my dick, Heike eagerly licked it off. I felt my cock twitch as did Heike, I
was going to blow, Heike sped up her strokes and kneeling before me opened her
mouth in anticipation... my first jet of hot cum splashed into her mouth and
over her nose, the second splashed her cheek and hair.

I came for what seemed an eternity, shaking and moaning as I liberally covered
her face, hair and tits with my cum, all the time she lapped at it like life
depended on it. Now she concentrated on Phil, with a yell and a grunt he came,
his cum splattering her hair and some falling into her opened mouth, the rest
fell on her tits. He took one hand and rubbed the cum over her face and down
onto her tits. Spent, I flopped back on the bed, Phil sat back on the chair
while Heike whipped her hand over her face, mopping up our cum, she then moved
her hands down over her tits and belly and finally to her neatly trimmed cunt.
she glistened from her face to the crack between her legs. Down stairs there was
a noise, it was Chrissie returning, quick as a flash Heike gathered her things,
gave me a and Phil sticky kisses good-bye and went into the bathroom. Phil
followed her out and ended up fucking her properly in the bathroom. Chrissie
came up to see if I was in the land of the living. "You're awake!" she
exclaimed, I explained that I was still tired (due to the orgasm, but she didn't
have to know that) and that I though Heike was taking a bath...

Next day Chrissie drove Phil, me and Heike down to her parents house. I had
already met them some months previous, a new introduction was Chrissie's younger
sister, Korrine. Korrine was only a year or so younger than Chrissie...that made
her YOUNG! But she still had a body on her, very slim with small tits and a cute
dyed blond bob cut, she was all smiles and giggles. The days went by and we all
had a good time. One afternoon Chrissie and I came home to find Korrine in our
room. She looked surprised and flustered when we came in she made her excuses
and quickly left us saying that she had to get ready as her boyfriend was coming
round later that evening. Chrissie too was out that evening, going to babysit, I
offered to join her but she declined saying it was a long way to go and would be
boring for me. "Ok" I said and let her drive off shortly after seven. I was at a
loose end, Phil was out, no-one was in the house except Korrine, who was taking
a long bath. I sat in our room and switched the TV on. I channel-hopped for 5
minutes trying to find an English speaking station but found only CNN. I noticed
a blank video tape poking half out of the player. I'd not see any video there in
the morning when we left so for the fun of it I popped it in rewound it and
pressed 'play'...

...There stood Korrine in her bedroom infront of the bed. She was fully dressed
in a black t-shirt, jeans and Nikes, her blond hair was messed up like she'd
been in the shower. She said a few words of an introduction in German then to my
shock and delight she removed her t-shirt...her tits were small but firm and
round much like Chrissie's...or Heike! Her nipples were small and pert, she
tweaked each one to make them erect, then moistened her fingers and pinched her
nipples again, this time they stood erect and slightly glistening, all this from
a girl who could be no older than 16! She massaged and played with her tits a
bit longer then sat on the end of the bed and removed her Nikes revealing white
sports socks, then it just got better as she slid out of her jeans to show off
her white panties. Korrine lay back with her legs hanging off the end of the bed
and slipped her hand under her panties and started to play with herself. By now
I was erect and had opened my fly to touch my cock. Korrine then drew her legs
up and removed her panties! Her cunt was smooth except for a little tuft of hair
above her slit, she pressed the remote and the camera zoomed in a little showing
her glistening lips, she inserted one finger then two and violently frigged

Sometimes she'd take her moist fingers to her mouth to taste her own juices. Now
she rolled on to her front so she was in a doggy position over the end of the
bed, she continued to finger her pussy then with her other hand she let one of
her fingers explore her puckered anus, she moistened it with her finger but met
some resistance! She got up and disappeared from view for a moment before
resuming the position only this time she squirted some baby oil or something
over her ass hole. Now her finger worked in and out easily, then she inserted
another. What a sight a teenie with two fingers up her ass hole and one in her
smooth pussy! Korrine worked herself well moaning and groaning as she became
more aroused then she reached over for something it turned out to be a set of
light blue ass beads, about 6 in total held together with a fine cord, one by
one she pushed them up in to her ass. By now I was frantically wanking but I
didn't want to waste my precious cum as I was sure I was in for a fuck from
Chrissie upon her return which wouldn't be long now, so I held back a bit,
stripped down to my boxers and continued to watch the show... on the video
Korrine was still working her pussy.

All of a sudden I heard a noise just outside my room, it could only be Korrine,
without a knock she came in, naked and still slightly damp from her bath. I
jumped, she (pretended) to jump too "I thought you were out with Chrissie " she
said in a strong German accent "I came in to get a towel...Oh God! You've seem
my movie" she cried! I was speechless all I could do was to admire her slim
little body and flawless flesh! "What must you think of me?" she said "please
don't tell anyone, it's for my boyfriend, what can I do for you to keep quiet?"
Stupid question when you've got a raging hard-on! "Well you could always help me
with this" I said pointing at my fat erection! And with that as if on autopilot
Korrine knelt in front of me and for the second time in as many days I had a new
German girl sucking on my cock. She licked all around my cock making it good and
sticky before starting to move her mouth slowly up and down on it - at the same
time she gently rubbed my balls. I leant forward and ran my hands over her back
working my way down to her ass crack, on the screen Korrine was yelling as she
rapidly pulled the ass beads out of her asshole and orgasmed violently. My
fingers worked their way over to her slightly moist anus, I spat on my fingers
and returned them to her asshole - gently I inserted a finger in to her anus,
her sucking became more concentrated, I was close to cumming - who wouldn't be
with a teen blonde blowing them!

Suddenly I was aware of someone else in the room!! Oh my god it was Chrissie!
She was standing by the bedroom door smiling! "I see you've been introduced to
that slut sister of mines dirty habits" she said looking at as both and casting
her eye to the video which now had moved on to show Korrine fingering her own
asshole. "I can explain" I said "It's ok Mark, this is the way we planned it"
she said. I looked confused but not surprised as the thought that the girls had
planned this has crossed my mind. All this time Korrine continued to blow me,
she then stopped and moved herself up my body positioning her sweet smooth pussy
over my cock. Next to me Chrissie was taking her clothes off and stroking
Korrine's breasts. Korrine lowered herself on to my cock but Chrissie, who was
now naked, suggested she lie on the bed on her side and I fuck her sideways. We
all moved positions then Chrissie whispered in my ear "Fuck her tight ass hole
Mark" Korrine held one leg in the air giving me a clear entry into either her
shaved pussy or asshole. My cock had swollen to new proportions, the sight of a
teens upturned ass turned me on so much, I rubbed it over her glistening pussy,
pushing it in a little. Meanwhile Christine had found some lube, she squirted a
blob on to her fingers then ran them over Korrine's ass hole making her shudder
and groan. Then I watched as Korrine's big sister gently inserted first one then
two fingers up into her ass. "In my asshole, yesssss fuck me with your fingers
Chrissie" Korrine moaned. I pushed Chrissie aside and gripped my swollen cock,
Korrine's hole was now ready for me and I gently at first pressed by cock
against her anus...

"Yes, yes, do it Mark, my first time in my asshole!!" Korrine yelled "Go on -
fuck her little ass hole Mark like you love to fuck mine!" Chrissie joined it. I
thrust forward my cock easily sliding up into her tight hole, back and forth a
few times till I was in her balls deep! Sometimes I would slide in deep,
sometimes I'd just slide an inch of dick into her anus and move that inch in and
out ...she loved the torment of it all! All the time Chrissie held her sister in
position for me our eyes locked on to one another, it was as though I was
fucking Chrissie at the same time. I felt myself getting close to the point of
no return. Chrissie grabbed my head and kissed me deeply and fiercely as I felt
my cum well-up from my balls and rush through my cock and into Korrine's

Korrine yelped in pleasure or pain as I kept pumping her cute ass, the muscles
of her anus draining my cock. I withdrew my cock, it made a slurping sound as it
slid out of Korrine's hot back passage, Chrissie's fingers gently touched
Korrine's asshole and smoothed my cum over her buttocks. I sat and watched the
two sisters, Korrine now lay on her back her small breasts jutting up to meet
Chrissie's mouth as she straddled her little sister. Her tongue lapped around
the teens nipples - from where I sat I could see Chrissie's round up-turned ass
and moist pussy lips, below that I could see Korrine's smooth mound, her lips
puffy from the rubbing she had given then while I had screwed her ass-hole! The
sight of their pussys all wet and waiting was too much, I reached over to the
drawer next to the bed where I knew Chrissie kept her 'toys'. I took out a long
flexible double-ended dildo, gently I eased one end into Korrine's little pussy.
It went in no problem and after a few seconds Korrine was taking 8 inches no
problem, her groans confirmed her enjoyment. I twisted the other end of the
dildo round and moistened the end of it with some spit then rubbed it over
Chrissie's cunt making it moister still.

I pushed it hard between Chrissie's protruding pink cunt lips, she yelped "Hey!
Not so hard Mark!" she protested..."Yes! Do her hard Mark..." Korrine answered!!
I fucked them both now with the dildo, Chrissie on all fours over Korrine who
lay on her back, both gripped one another! As Korrine now started to frig
herself I concentrated on Chrissie, after all she was my girlfriend! I leant
forward and kissed her buttocks, with her free hand she held her left ass cheek
to one side - inviting me to probe her asshole which I immediately did with a
moistened thumb the two fingers. All the time she gasped and groaned..."What's
he doing to you Sis?" Korrine asked "Fucking my anus with his fingers...shit it
feels soooooo good!"

"Harder Mark!" she exclaimed "Yeah, go on Mark do it to her" Korrine added.
"Christ, you two are really ass fucking crazy, aren't you!?" I exclaimed, my
cock now starting to come back to life again. "You should see what we used to do
before you came along" Korrine said...I could only imagine! As I worked
Chrissie's ass Korrine approached an orgasm, her legs twitched and she groaned
loudly, her fingers frantically working her clit as the dildo slid in and out of
her. She moved out from under Chrissie leaving my girlfriend on all fours with a
dildo in her cunt and me in a similar position with two fingers in her rectum.
Korrine leant over her sister and held Chrissie's ass cheeks apart for her.
"will you lick her out for me Mark?" she politely asked and with that I leant
for ward and pressed my tongue into Chrissie's moist asshole! He bitter-sweet
puckered hole was beautiful and tight, her ass rocked back to push against my

"Yesssss" Korrine hissed "...are you hard again Mark? What can I do to make you
hard? I want to see my sister get fucked right up her tightest hole, I want to
hear her beg for you to stop!!! But you'll carry on till you cream her ass like
you did mine!" Korrine whispered to me as I rimmed Chrissie, these girls were so
fucking hot, what did they feed them on?! Korrine's talk had stirred my cock and
I felt the blood begin to flow again. "Just keep talking dirty, Korrine, that
seems to work" I said. Korrine withdrew the sticky dildo from Chrissie's pussy,
I could see Chrissie's pussy lips pink and wide, her cunt still open from where
the dildo had once been. It was official, Korrine was 100% kinky, as she then
licked Chrissie's juices from the dildo! "You want this up your ass? You want me
to fuck you with this or a strap-on?" Korrine asked me with a cheeky grin on her
face. Now, Chrissie had ass fucked me once with a dildo a while ago and I came
like an elephant! Maybe with this kinky bitch doing it it could be even better?
"Whatever" I answered and with that Korrine got up and left the room, saying
she'd be back to 'sort me out', I continued to feast on Chrissie's ass "Isn't
she great?"

Chrissie asked of me, referring to Korrine "She REAL wild" I said. I heard
Korrine come back in the room but I carried on licking Chrissie's ass and pussy
getting it all good and wet for when I was ready to fuck her! Behind me Korrine
knelt on the lube was trickled over my up-turned asshole followed by
a slim finger. Her hand slid round and ever so gently massaged my balls, her
other hand worked on my ass and I felt a finger slide quite easily up my butt. I
heard a buzzing sound of a vibrator being switched on, then it was placed
against my anus... I continued to eat out Chrissie, she helped me by holding her
pussy lips apart, her pussy was smooth and wet and I wanted to fuck it. "Let me
fuck your cunt tonight Chrissie" I said "Ok, ok Mark, I'm so fuckin' wet you can
fuck me any way! I just wanna cum! Are you hard yet Mark?" she asked.... I felt
the vibrator entering my ass and being twisted. "Stroke my cock a bit more
Korrine" I asked looking round to see what she was looking like...WHAAAAT!!!??
It was Heike who I saw behind me, stark naked smiling as she worked the buzzing
vibrator in and out of my ass hole! Next to her was Korrine ...and behind her
was Phil, naked with his hands running all over Korrine's tight little body
"Man, I just came in and these two greeted me and hauled me up here, this is
awesome" he said, continuing to feel Korrine "Surprised Mark?" Heike asked "I
hear you've been treating Korrine to a good ass fucking, you could have waited
till I came home!

I'd have liked to have seen her being fucked, still perhaps you'll show me how
you and Chrissie fuck?" Leaving the vibrator in my ass she moved round to
massage Chrissie's ass and back, Heike looked great, that was all I needed to
harden my dick, I moved forward and introduced it to Chrissie's cunt. With one
swift move I was inside her she groaned as Heike's fingers explored Chrissie's
ass hole, behind me Korrine made sure that the vibrator stayed in place while
she received attention from Phil, he was taking her long and hard doggy style.
Heike dribbled some saliva over Chrissie's already moist anus then slipped in a
finger, then two. The site of this along with having a buzzing vibrator up my
ass was such a turn on that I knew I wasn't gonna last long. "I'm gonna cum real
soon!" I yelled "Fill me with your fucking hot cum Mark" Chrissie replied
pushing herself back onto my cock, forcing myself even deeper inside her. "Fuck
her, Mark, fuck her real hard" Heike said and all of a sudden I came! Wave after
wave spewed into Chrissie's little pussy. I held in for a while before slowly
sliding my cock out, at the same time Korrine took the vibrator out of my ass,
the feeling was fantastic. Heike leant forward and rubbed her hand up and down
my cock before returning it to her mouth and licking her palm! Seconds later
Phil came too with a groan as Korrine had her little teen pussy filled again.
But I was kinda sad, we had only 3 days left in Germany, it didn't seem long

I wondered if I was ever gonna get to fuck Heike...time was running out till...

We were due to fly home the next day, my balls were aching - I'd been regularly
eating Chrissie but I wanted to save myself for the last day! A couple of times
Chrissie had taken me to the brink with her mouth, I guess she loved the taste
of pre cum too! I took a shower that evening, tied the towel round my waist and
headed down to our bed room where I knew Chrissie was waiting. As I approached
her room I could hear Chrissie and Heike's hushed giggles. I crept up, although
I could not understand them and could not yet see them I could sense that this
was no family chat. When I got to the door a fantastic site greeted my eyes,
Chrissie was on the bed with her legs held by her arms against her chest, her
pussy and ass hole were beautifully exposed, she wore nothing except for her
little white towelling socks. In-front of her knelt Heike, naked too, she was
whispering to Chrissie and Chrissie seemed to be moaning words of encouragement

Neither had seen me or my cock that had sprung out of the towel and was now
starting to grow at an alarming pace. Heike leaned forward, giving me a view of
her smooth ass hole and trim pussy lips which I could swear were glistening with
her juices already, she positioned her head above Chrissie's pussy and dribbled
some saliva over Chrissie's pubic mound, then a little more which ran down
between her pussy and over her anus. Heike then went down on Chrissie's pussy,
her tongue licking at her teen clit while a finger or two explored her pussy.
Chrissie let out a moan as Heike's expert tongue and fingers worked her pussy,
then for good measure Heike gently eased a finger into Chrissie's anus, working
in back and forth slowly. As Heike's whole mouth covered Chrissie's mound I
could hear the slurping sounds even where I was standing, while she now pushed
two fingers up into her niece's anus - they slid in with ease and Heike rotated
them to give Chrissie even greater pleasure. All the time I was stroking my
cock, it was bursting to be part of the action but I wanted to see how things
developed, I was save where I was standing as I was pretty sure they were not
aware of me...they soon were gonna be though! Now I could see Heike was
fingering her own pussy between her legs, first one then two fingers, easily
slipping in and out. Chrissie approached her climax with a rocking motion,
followed by moaning, she grabbed Heike's head and pushed it further still into
her pussy, while Heike removed her fingers from Chrissie's now gaping asshole
and proceeded to work her tongue over Chrissie's clit, cunt lips and down and in
to her anus! Christine let out a yell as she came , she wreathed and buckled
against Heike's active mouth. Then she turned to where I was standing, she'd
seen me ok - probably knew I was there all the time. She looked great, her face
glowed her eyes shone, "Do you like seeing this Mark? - You like it too
Korrine?!!" I looked round and there was Korrine, naked, her nipples rock hard
and her shaved pussy and inner thighs glistening with her juices!

"It was a great performance, but I think your aunt is missing out" I said. I
walked into the room followed by Korrine. Heike was now sitting next to Chrissie
on the bed. "I wanna lick you just like you licked Chrissie only I'm gonna fuck
you too!" I said staring into her eyes, she smiled "Yes last!" and
lay back bending her splayed legs up towards her armpits, Chrissie leant over
first kissing her aunt's mouth then down to her breasts where she ran her teeth
over her nipples, staying there she moved her hands down to Heike's trim pubic
mound and parted her cunt lips for me. I knelt down and ran my tongue over her
parted lips, flicking at her clit and at the same time I inserted a finger up
into her pussy while another tickled her anus. I dribbled saliva over her pussy
and massaged it in then some more which ran down between her legs and to her
asshole enabling my finger to push past her tight anal ring and up into her
rectum. I clamped my mouth over her pussy and fed greedily on her mound, two
fingers now working her anus.

Christine moved up the bed and lowered her pussy onto Heike's face, pushing down
gently she ground it into her mouth "Fuckin' eat me again, aunty" she said in a
menacing voice "you didn't turn me on enough the first time!" and she grabbed
hold of Heike's hair tugging at it- making Heike groan either from pleasure or
pain. Looking up I could just see Christine's splayed ass cheeks squatting on
Heike's face, Heike's tongue deep in my girlfriend's pussy, Heike relaxed her
legs, wrapping them round me, drawing me into her as I felt she was approaching
an orgasm. Meanwhile Korrine had been rubbing my cock and massaging my balls, my
up-turned ass I thought would be an attraction to her and sure enough she too
dribbled some saliva over my anus and worked her fingers into me then after
dissapearing for a while she returned with their much used dildo and some lube.
Christine turned herself round to face me, at the same time demanding her aunt
to "eat my asshole...and lets see Mark get fucked in the ass again!!" Korrine
followed her sister's instructions and slid the buzzing vibrating dildo up into
my ass, twisting it as she did so. I groaned but channelled all my efforts on to
Heike's pussy which really worked as suddenly she started to moan too and
wriggle about "Oh sweet Jeeeesus! I'm cumming" she managed to say from under
Christine's pussy, an amazing thing happened as I now worked her cunt with my
fingers, a little jet of female juices spat out from her!

I wiped the liquid from the bed clothes onto my swollen rock hard dick, leant
forward and plunged it all the way in deep into Heike's vagina! "Hold that
fuckin' dildo up my ass Korrine while I fuck your slut aunt" I knew this kinda
talk turned aunty on "Fuck her sooooo hard Mark" Korrine replied and I felt her
turn the dildo another twist while I guess sticking a finger or two up Heike's
asshole. Heike's orgasm was still in progress when I started to cum, and cum I
did! I pumped wave after wave into her, the buzzing dildo making things even
more intense. I withdrew my cock from her soaking hole and flopped back onto the
floor, the dildo eased out of my ass.

Next day we headed home, when I told Phil about the scene he nearly came in his
pants! We returned promising ourselves another holiday soon with our German

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