Bubble Bath  

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Bubble Bath

The steam rises from the bath water in a quiet hiss, warming the air around
us and I can smell the faint scent of raspberries that lingers in the
fragrant bubbles.

I watch in lustful anticipation as you slowly peel off your T-shirt and
unbuckle your belt, tugging your jeans off and letting them drop soundlessly
to the floor beside you.

My eyes travel downward over your deliciously naked torso, coming to rest on
your silk boxers and I feel my own wetness seeping through my panties as I
take in the sight of your rock hard arousal.

I turn away from you slightly as I move with trembling hands to grasp the
edges of my shirt and pull it over my head reveling in the sensation of
nakedness as the air caresses my bare skin.

Quickly shedding your boxer shorts, you move quietly behind me, your arms
reaching around to cup my breasts in the palms of your hands and I arch my
back in ecstasy, pushing my butt into your groin until I feel your erection
nudge against the crack of my ass.

Your fingertips gently tease my breasts and sensitive nipples and I feel my
breathing quicken as small moans escape my lips and I reach back with my
hands to grasp your hardness and stroke the length of you.

Vaguely, I am aware of my shorts and panties being tugged from my hips and
over my butt to drop in a puddle at my feet and I suck in my breath with a
gasp of pleasure as I feel your breath warm on the backs of my thighs.

Your tongue and teeth nibble and suckle at the delicate skin just under the
curve of my ass and I shudder at the sensations coursing through my body.

I feel your fingers trailing slowly after your lips and my legs seem to part
slightly, as though of their own volition, begging your fingers to follow.

Warm, gentle fingers glide teasingly through my curls, delving just into the
wetness within my folds and stroking teasingly at my clitoris until I feel my
hips buck helplessly against you.

I feel my breath catch in my throat as your lips move tantalizingly over my
ass, your tongue teasing along the crack and sending shivers up my spine.

The fingers between my legs are replaced by the throbbing hardness of your
erection as I feel you move to stand upright and I close my eyes in blissful
surrender as I lean back against your chest, marveling at the way our bodies
fit together so perfectly.

I reach between my legs to feel my wetness against your hardness and I stroke
my fingers teasingly over the head of your erection, smiling to myself as I
feel you pulse against my touch.

Slowly, almost reluctantly, we break apart to enter the bathtub, our bodies
intertwining again as soon as we have settled into the warm, sudsy water.

We exchange soft, tender kisses as we wash each other, exploring the most
secret of places with the wonder of new lovers but the heated passion rising
between us cannot be ignored and with a sudden, shared urgency we step from
the bathtub and move toward the bedroom, toweling each other dry as we walk.

I fall onto the bed on my back, sliding over to make room for you as I open
my arms in invitation and I hear myself sigh in satisfaction against your
lips as your mouth and your body cover mine.

My hands glide over the muscles in your back as we kiss, tracing small
circles and reveling in the feel of your naked skin under my fingertips.

Your mouth moves from the passionate kiss at my lips to trail hot, wet
promises against my neck and shoulders on its way to tease my most sensitive
of sweet spots.

I feel my body arch against you with a shudder of pleasure as your lips close
teasingly over first one nipple, then the other, coaxing from my body that
which you know lies hidden just beneath the surface.

As your lips and tongue stroke and suckle at my breasts, seducing the
sensitive buds over and over again, my eyes close in surrender and I cry out,
shaking with pleasure as my first orgasm engulfs me.

My cries of passion seem to urge you on, fueling your own ardor and I feel
your lips leave my breasts and travel lower still, across the sensitive skin
of my abdomen and come to rest against the tender flesh of my inner thighs.

My breaths are coming in short pants as I feel your lips and nose nuzzling at
the junctures of the insides of my thighs and your hands reach up to push my
legs further apart, opening me more fully to you.

I feel the heated ecstasy of your gentle hands opening my folds to your
searching lips and my whole body bucks upward in elated bliss as I feel your
mouth move against me in the most intimate of kisses.

"Oh…. Oh, my god….."

I am beyond coherent thoughts or words as your mouth moves against me, your
lips and tongue alternately licking and suckling at my swollen lips and
clitoris and I feel the familiar heat beginning to spread rapidly through my
loins again.

I hear myself whimpering, pleading as I call out to you, my body restlessly
searching for the release you are making it crave. I feel your hands shift
under me, grabbing my ass and with a possessive tug you bring my hips closer
to your questing mouth and I groan my satisfaction out loud.

"Oh god, Michael…. Oh, god….. yesssssssss….."

Your lips move from the sensitive nubbin of my clitoris, down through the
soft folds of skin and come to rest against my ass, alternately kissing and
tonguing that small ring of heaven until my body trembles under your touch,
begging for more.

I am on overload with the intense blend of sensations you are invoking in me
and my mind whirls in a state of frenzied rapture. You are leading me down a
path that is foreign and new to me and my mind and body scream for the
promise of fulfillment I feel in you.

As your lips and tongue dance and suckle teasingly between my clitoris and
the virgin halo of my ass, my body is helpless to do anything but thrust
against you, shamelessly pleading for the release your lips are promising.

I feel your hand move through the curls at my center, your fingers sliding
within the folds of my wetness to stroke in and out of me, and as your lips
and tongue continue to caress me, I am certain I will faint with pleasure.

My hips buck against your hand, fucking your fingers as you move them faster
and faster within me, urging me on. When your tongue moves to focus its
erotically intense licking and suckling against my swollen clitoris I am
pushed up and over the edge in an orgasm so intense that I hear myself
screaming in pleasure, calling out your name as my body shudders in ecstasy,
tears of release streaming down my face.

I come back to myself slowly, struggling to find my body again and I vaguely
aware of the sound of your voice asking me if I am all right. I smile in
answer as I gaze up at you, tears of passion still wet on my face and all I
can do is nod in affirmation - I cannot find the power of speech.

You smile back at me in understanding, leaning down to place a sensuous kiss
against my lips and the lustful passion I see blazing within your eyes takes
my breath away.

I stare back at you, feeling myself grow incredibly hot and wet all over
again and the only thought I can hold in my mind is of how much I want you -
how badly I want to make love with you.

Our eyes lock with each other as a look of pure lust passes between us and I
hear myself whimper in excitement as I feel you reach down to grasp my legs
and bend them back toward my chest.

Gently, almost teasingly, I feel your fingers slide into the depths of my
wetness, stroking against me and withdrawing the wetness there to smooth
erotically around the tiny halo of my ass, a promise of things to come.

I moan my pleasure of this repeated action as I feel your fingers continue to
wet my ass with my own juices and when you begin to penetrate that ring of
heaven with your finger for the first time, I feel my body shudder in intense

Your fingers continue to wet me, teasing the puckered opening of my virgin
ass and I feel my hips shift up toward you slightly as though impatient to
feel you inside of me.

I feel your hands come to rest at last on the backs of my thighs and my gaze
is again drawn to the passion on your face as I watch you rest the tip of
your erection against my ass.

I shift my hips teasingly against you, wanting you to know how much I want
this too, and the motion of your erection rubbing against that small ring of
heaven sends sparks of desire straight to my core.

With an almost tortured breath, you begin to move slowly, pushing your way
into me gradually and in the back of my mind I am amazed at your self control
and touched by your concern for me.

I feel my own body draw a deep breath as your erection begins to penetrate my
ass, a stranger in a virgin world and amid the onslaught of erotic
sensations, I bite my lip against the slight discomfort as I will myself to

I feel you gradually moving deeper, your hardness stroking me in places I
have never felt before and a low moan of pleasure escapes from the back of my
throat. I feel the muscles in my butt contract around you, squeezing you
tightly as you penetrate me further, and the groan I hear from your lips
inflames my desire even more.

With another gentle thrust, you are completely inside me now and I cannot
believe the incredible sensations my body feels… and yet - I still want

I smile up into your blissful gaze and as our eyes meet they lock in silent

Without a word, our bodies are shifted, repositioned, and I find myself lying
face down on the bed as you kneel between my legs.

I drag several pillows across the bed and push them under me to rest against
my chest as I feel your arms moving gently underneath me to grasp my hips and
raise them back toward you.

I feel my ass being raised in the air as your knees nudge the insides of my
legs further apart and the sensation of being so exposed and vulnerable
causes me to shiver with the intensity of its eroticism.

Your fingers trace along the crack of my ass and down to dip into the wetness
of my center and I hear your breath catch softly on a moan of passion as you
realize fully the extent of my excitement.

I feel your fingers wetting my ass again, readying me for you and I shift my
hips back toward you impatiently. I am rewarded a moment later with the feel
of your erection pressing against that small ring of heaven yet one more

You slide in more easily this time, my body adjusting to you almost instantly
and we both groan with the intensity of the feelings as you rest completely
sheathed in my virgin ass.

You begin to move, setting the rhythm with a slow, easy thrust and my body
trembles with the motion. I feel one arm wrap around my waist, resting on my
hip and pulling me back toward you as you thrust. The other arm reaches
under me, your fingers gently stroking through my curls and intuitively
seeking out the tiny nubbin of my clitoris.

My hips buck against you in pleasure as the sensation of having your erection
thrusting deep in my ass and your fingers teasing me pushes me faster and
faster toward the white heat of release.

I feel the rhythm of your thrusts begin to increase slightly and I moan my
pleasure as I quicken my pace to move with you. I feel myself cresting
higher and higher and I call to you, begging for the release I know only you
can give me.

"Fly for me, baby…" I urge you softly. "Let me feel you come… let me come
for you…."

I hear the labored sound of your breath and feel your groin slapping against
my ass as you push us both toward the blissful rapture that we seek.
Intentionally, I tighten my muscles around you, greedily milking your
erection as it thrusts within the confines of my ass.

Your gentle, yet persistent fingers stroke my clitoris in rhythm with our
thrusts and in the open space of a heartbeat I feel the liquid heat of
release explode in the tiny nubbin, flowing throughout my loins and I scream
my pleasure to you as I feel your erection begin to pulse and spasm within my
ass as your own climax begins.

We spiral together, our bodies pulsing against one another in the intense,
passionate frenzy of orgasm and for a brief moment I am so overwhelmed with
ecstasy that I am sure I will black out.

We hover together for several moments in a state of extended bliss, our
bodies still intimately joined. Gradually, we begin to come back to
ourselves, murmuring softly to one another and I feel you gently withdraw
from me and release your hold on my body as I sink forward onto the bed, my
outstretched limbs trembling in satiated bliss.

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