A Case of the "Mundays"  

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8/7/2006 5:26 pm
A Case of the "Mundays"

I was now in my early twenties and I had been working at the company now for a
couple of months and shared an office with Kim and Joanne.

This office was a satellite office and apart from the receptionist in the
complex we never saw any of the other company employees.

Kim was five foot two, had jet black hair, brown eyes and a pretty face, she had
a curvy bottom, slim waist and the biggest pair of tits I'd seen, she always
wore a trouser suit, and kept herself covered, however now and then her blouse
would gape and I'd catch a glimpse of milky lace covered flesh.

Joanne and the other hand was five foot six, had dyed dark hair, blue eyes again
quite pretty, she also had a curvy bottom, her mid section wasn't as slim as
Kim's, but her tits were quite small. She always wore sweaters and short black
skirts, her legs were always covered by tights.

Whenever any mention of anything sexual was made Kim would blush madly and leave
the room, Joanne would often make suggestive comments and deliberately try to
shock Kim, and I have to admit that I always went along with it.

It was Wednesday night and after the girls had left I started to change for the
gym, I had managed to get my pants changed and taken off my shirt, the door
opened and Kim entered, she saw me stripped to the waist.

"I forgot my book." She stammered. "You should get changed in the men's."

"There's not a lot of room in there, and any way look at Jo's calendar, I'm
covered up compared to them."

Kim was bright red.

"I'll see you tomorrow." She said and quickly left the room, I continued getting

On Thursday Kim came in the room and nothing was mentioned about the previous

"What nights do you go to the gym?" Kim asked.

"Monday's and Wednesday's?" I answered. "Why?" I asked.

"Just so I know." She said.

"What's all this about?" Jo asked.

"Kim caught me changing last night." I answered.

"Oh dear, I hope you weren't naked." Jo said laughing.

"No I had my pants on." I replied seriously.

Kim had got up and left the room.

Monday came around, again I started to get dressed, I pulled my tee-shirt on and
stripped off my pants and boxers, as I reached into my bag to grab my pants the
door opened, Kim was stood at the door, I quickly positioned my hands over my

She walked over to me and was stood inches away.

"Sorry, forgot my keys." Her eyes were locked on my hands.

"No problem." I said. I expected her to blush and run, but instead she grabbed
my hands and pulled them away.

My cock was starting to harden; Kim then reached forwards and grabbed my now
rapidly hardening cock.

Her soft touch made it throb with anticipation.

Kim pushed me back into a chair, she started to unbutton her blouse, I watched
as button by button her flesh became exposed, now that her blouse was undone I
could see the full magnificence of her tits, they were trapped inside a white
lace bra, which was pushing them up and together.

She pushed apart my legs and knelt on the floor, again she took my cock in her
hands, she leant forwards and a small drop of saliva dropped onto the end of my
cock, she started to rub it into my sick, both hands were rubbing up and down my

She let go and undid her bra, her breasts dropped slightly, I couldn't help
myself, I reached out and grabbed those amazing tits, her nipples hardened in my
hand, she then bent forward again and her mouth engulfed my cock, this was very
surprising from the girl who got embarrassed by the slightest mention of sex,
what was even more surprising was that she managed to take my seven inches fully
into her mouth, I sat back and enjoyed the feeling as she gobbled my cock, and
licked and sucked, but the best was yet to come, as my cock slipped out of her
mouth, she straightened up and her tits rubbed over my balls and across my cock,
her tits were so soft, when my cock was positioned between her tits she pressed
them together, what a feeling, they were so soft, Kim started to push herself up
and down, as my cock poked out the top of her tits she would give it a quick
lick, I was lost in the moment.

"That's amazing." Was all I could keep repeating, I didn't want this moment to
end, but that was impossible, as her tits fully engulfed my cock one more time,
I couldn't contain my self, my cock erupted between those amazing soft milky

Kim looked up at me and smiled.

"That was amazing." I said.

"Thanks." She said. "See you tomorrow."

"Eh OK then." I replied.

Kim stood up and grabbed my boxers, and quickly dried my cum off her tits. She
quickly dressed and left.

The next morning I entered the office; Kim didn't mention anything about last
night and seemed back to her shocked self.

I tried to ask her about what had happened but she dismissed it as a spur of the
moment thing, Jo was looking across at our whispered conversation with interest.

Kim left the office.

"What was that about?" She asked.

"Oh nothing, she's lost her keys." I said.

"Oh well, I'm leaving at four tonight. Do you think Kim will be alright in an
office with just a hot blooded male?" She said jokingly.

"Of course she will." I answered.

At four o'clock Jo left for the evening, I was left in the office with just Kim.

"Last night." Kim said. "I'd had an argument with my husband, and well I'd had a
couple of drinks and when I saw you, I thought what the hell."

"Well, I'm not complaining, but your husband might, I didn't even know you were
married." I answered.

"He's a bit older then me, he's forty three, and you know I'm twenty seven. I
met him young, I was only eighteen, and to be fair sex has never been a big
thing." She said.

"What do you mean?" I asked.

"Well it normally occurs once a month and consists of me lying on the bed with
legs open; he hops on top, a couple of minutes later all over." She answered.

"Well what you did to me last night wasn't like that." I said.

"I tried it once, but he didn't like it." She said.

"Well his loss." I commented.

Just thinking about last night caused me cock to harden. I wheeled my chair
round to hers. I placed my hand on hers.

Kim smiled at me, and stood up.

"I'm just nipping to the loo." She said.

"Yes, see you soon." I said.

Kim disappeared, a couple of minutes later she re-entered the room her hair was
now down.

"You should wear your hair down more, it suits you." I said.

"Thanks." She answered.

Kim came over and sat on the corner of my desk.

"Has Jo gone for the rest of the day?" She asked.

"Yes." I answered.

"Oh that's good." She said and stood up, walked over the door and locked it.

Kim then came back over to my desk, she pushed my chair back.

"I want you to make love to me." She said.

Kim then started to unbutton her blouse, and then let it fall to the floor, the
next thing she did was to unzip her pants, and again they slipped down to the
floor, she was now stood in front of me in just her bra and pants, her tits were
heaving up and down, I gazed in awe at her tits, and then down her narrowing
waist, and then back out over her hips.

The bra and pants were matching black lace, I could see her tuft of hair through
the lace of her pants, and her nipples were also showing through her bra.

Kim came over and started to unfasten my pants. She pulled my pants and boxers
clear and my cock sprung to freedom.

Kim then turned around, she had a lovely curved butt, I grabbed her hips and
pulled her onto my lap, I moved my mouth to her neck and kissed it gently, the
weight of her body pressed into my lap, my cock was pressing into back, and as I
continued to kiss her neck and ears she laid her head back allowing me to kiss
the side of her neck and around to her throat, my hands were grabbing at those
amazing tits, but I was deprived the full effect as her tits were still
imprisoned in their lace jail, Kim had reached up and undid the catch, I felt
the weight press into my hands, I slipped them under the cups and felt again the
soft skin of her tits, I started to knead and caress her tits, feeling her
nipples pressing into my hands, Kim was moaning softly, with one hand still
feeling every inch of her tits, Ii moved my other down over her belly and then
down further, I felt the waistband of her pants, and pushed my hand into the
fabric, and down over the tuft of hair, and down and then into her opening, down
over her clit and into her pussy, she felt tight, but wet, I then proceeded to
rub up and down, my fingers coming into contact with her clit.

Kim pressed down on her legs, the weight on my lap decreased, she hooked her
fingers into her pants and pulled them clear, she was now sat naked on my lap,
my cock was now in full contact with her warm flesh, and her hand grabbed my

Kim guided me to her opening, after a couple of attempts I felt my cock slip
into her tight warm pussy; I moved my hands from her tits and pussy respectably
and grabbed her hips, I sat feeling her pussy gripping my cock, and then we both
started to move, I started to thrust my hips forward, and Kim moved forwards,
she was now bent at the waist and supporting her weight on the arms of my chair
she started to bounce gently on my cock.

Our pace was unbelievably slow, each thrust was taking at least ten seconds, and
I sat and enjoyed the ride.

This went on for many minutes, I reached forwards and pulled her back, I needed
to feel those tits again, I grabbed them, Kim started to bounce faster, I could
feel her tits bouncing up and down, and I just wished I could see them.

I tilted my pelvis forward and this allowed my cock to penetrate her further. I
again moved my had to her clit, within seconds Kim came back down on me fully, I
then felt her walls tighten on my cock, Kim's body was rigid and then she
started to squeal, I could feel her clit pulsating.

"Oh bloody hell, please keep going." She screamed. I complied and started to
thrust into her faster and faster, she then lifted her legs and clamped them
together, this changed the angle of approach totally, I thought she was tight to
start with but now just the tightness of her pussy caused me to cum, my cock
jerked violently inside her.

I grabbed her tits and pulled her back onto my chest.

We sat locked together.

"How was that?" I asked.

"You'll laugh, but that's the first real orgasm I've ever had." She said.

"It can't be." I said in a shocked tone.

"No honest, I've never had one with a man, I normally have to take care of
myself." Kim confessed.

"Glad to oblige." I said.

As Kim stood up, my cock slipped from her pussy.

Kim grabbed her clothes, and started to pull them on.

"This can be our secret. If you say anything I'll deny it." Kim said.

"It's got nothing to do with anyone else." I said.

I straightened myself up and we left the office.

"See you to tomorrow." She said smiling.

"Sure will." I answered.

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