"Truth or Dare"  

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8/9/2006 3:51 am

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"Truth or Dare"

It was a typical Friday night on the university campus. I had come over to spend
the night with my girlfriend, Leigh, who lived with Betsy and Marie in a
dormitory suite. As most college students have at one time or another, we
thought it would be a good idea to play truth or dare. We knew where we wanted
to go, but the game was to be the vehicle to get us there.

After a few rounds of random truths and mild dares, the vibe in the room turned
distinctly sexual. I was dared to kiss Betsy, and I did. She even slipped me a
bit of tongue when we locked lips. At one point, I was dared to caress Marie's
breasts (through clothing) and kiss, but she wasn't as adventurous as Betsy (at
that time).

Not much time passed before Leigh and Marie were dared to kiss each other -
deeply. After a few feigned moments of reluctance, Marie said that she wanted to
do it lying on the floor. Leigh complied and lay supine on the floor - Marie got
on top. At first their kiss was tentative and soft, but it soon increased in
intensity. I was enjoying myself immensely sitting to the side watching my
girlfriend and another woman I secretly lusted for begin to get turned on while
kissing each other. Being of a conservative background, Betsy excused herself
from the game and retreated into her room leaving the three of us in the common
room to our own devices.

Leigh's hands began wandering over Marie's body - down her sides - around her
ass - moving back up under her shirt. Marie shrugged off her t-shirt and
revealed her bra-less breasts to the eager eyes of Leigh. Marie helped Leigh
remove her blouse as well. They continued their kiss for a few more minutes
before Marie began massaging Leigh's pussy through her jeans. Leigh responded
willingly by arching her back in anticipatory pleasure. Leigh hastily unzipped
her jeans and pushed them off along with her panties. Marie broke the kiss so
she could take a quick survey of her conquest-to-be. Leigh's pussy was beginning
to swell, and the hint of glistening moisture could be seen.

By this point, I couldn't take just watching any more, so I got off the floor
where I had been massaging my rock-hard cock through all of the preceding. I
took off my shirt and got behind Marie. I reached around her waist and untied
the drawstring of her shorts. My thumbs slipped between her skin and her
remaining garments and they were quickly separated. Leigh immediately lifted her
hands to touch Marie's smoothly shaved pussy. She said, "I've always wanted to
feel this part of you! You tempt me every time you get out of the shower and
walk to your room in the nude." Marie replied, "yes, I know," and they continued
caressing each other on the floor.

Leigh stopped briefly and lifted her head and said to me, "well, what are you
waiting for?" I unbuckled my belt and slipped off my jeans and boxers to reveal
to the both of them my cock, which was standing at full attention and dripping
with pre-cum after watching everything. Leigh and Marie sat up on their knees on
either side of my cock and began kissing it and kissing each other with my
throbbing rod in between their hungry mouths.

Leigh was the first to take my head into her small mouth as Marie rubbed Leigh's
breasts and fingered her now dripping pussy. Leigh treated me gingerly as she
had done on previous occasions. Marie said to Leigh, "Suck my titties. Now!"
That was all the invitation Leigh needed, and she pulled off my cock and
redirected her attention to Marie's pert nipples. Marie knew what she was doing;
as soon as Leigh was occupied, Marie grabbed my cock and immediately took all of
my length. I had never been deep-throated before and the sensation dropped me to
my knees. Marie smiled and said, "there's more where that came from."

Marie and I moved into a 69 position on the floor and Leigh joined me in
spreading Marie's legs wide apart to hungrily devour Marie's sweet pussy. Leigh
was more into it than I was and I really got off on seeing her get off on
pleasuring another girl. One of Leigh's hands had been working her own pussy all
along, and I moved one of my free hands between Leigh's legs. She was positively
steaming. Leigh worked her clit like a pro while I worked my fist deep into her
dripping cunt. She grunted pleasurably with each thrust I made.

Marie had been her mouth up and down my cock like the expert she was and it
wasn't going to be long before I came. Like clockwork, all three of us began
bucking our pelvises in sync as the rising wave of orgasm was about to crash.
Marie ground her clit into Leigh's hungry mouth, Leigh pushed her pussy deeper
and deeper onto my hand, and I thrust my cock down Marie's throat as I released
my load into the blissful warmth. Leigh and Marie screamed in ecstasy as they
cummed several times over. After disengaging from our daisy chain, we lie there
breathing heavily in the warm afterglow of sex, content to be in each other's
company and know while this was our first encounter, it most certainly would not
be the last.

Cozy_Red 50F

8/9/2006 4:38 am

MMMMmmmm Very nice - my games of T and D wasnt near as exciting, I feel cheated now, we should have let the boys play.

RottenApple70 46M

8/9/2006 5:47 am

    Quoting Cozy_Red:
    MMMMmmmm Very nice - my games of T and D wasnt near as exciting, I feel cheated now, we should have let the boys play.
There's always next time!

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