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8/7/2006 5:35 pm

New Years was approaching. Jeff and I were looking for a party to go to, when tom, a co-
worker, asked us to come to his and bring our dates.

While we had been dating girls who were themselves were best friends. I think Jeff was
more in love then myself. I was getting ready to dump mine. When we asked them to go
to Tom?s, my girl friend flatly refused, saying she did not like Tom. Well I told her I was
going away, she said she?d find something else to do. Jeff?s girl acting in symphony
decided not to go either. So we went alone.

It was a nice party it got even nicer when another friend of Tom?s Larry brought 3 nurses.
Two were great looking, third was on the chunky side. Larry was already paired up with
Ginger, named appropriately for her red hair. Carol was the other better looking one. She
paired off with me, leaving Beth to Jeff.

Carol was about 5?4? had shoulder length brown hair and eyes. Ginger was also about
the same size but with the red hair, she had hazel eyes. I would find out later that this
was her first date with Larry. Beth was maybe an inch shorter and weighted about 130

As the evening wore on all three girls got pretty drunk. Carol the drunkest of the three.
While we were dancing she hiked my neck. Hicked it enough to make it bleed. My turn
would come later. To the point she got sick and puked in the bathtub which had all the ice
for the party.

Well that sorted of pissed Tom?s wife off and she kicked us out about 1:00am. We all
got in Larry?s car and went back to his place. At Larry?s we had a few more drinks all
except Carol we put her in bed fully clothed coat and all. Larry and Ginger finally went
up to bed; Jeff and Carol were taking up the couch. I decide to crawl into bed with Carol.

I slept for about an hour when Ginger started yelling To Carol, Larry was fucking her and
it was too big. Carol, was yelling back for her to relax and enjoy it. I tongued Carol.
She immediately said she wanted me to fuck her, and told me to pull off her skirt and
panties, which I did. She sat up in bed leaning back on her elbows. Her hips were rutting
and her hairy mound was humping into the air. I went to eat her and she told me no, she
wanted me to fuck her. She was still humping.

She was intensely hot and wet. My cock drove to its fullest depth with one quick motion.
I held myself in this position, arms stretched out supporting my upper body, back arched,
cock pushed forward into her, as she continued to rut up to me. She was going absolutely
wild, driving her pussy up and taking all my cock, while I remained frozen; she was in
complete control. She when orgasmed for what seemed like 5 minutes. It was the first
time I really felt a pussy tighten around my cock. So tight I thought I was going to have
problems cumming into her. Which turned out was not the case. I filled her squirt after

She fell back to the bed, leaving me suspended above her, my cock dripping from a
mixture of our body fluids. All this time Ginger was still yelling about Larry fucking

Carol leaking the rest of our fluids from her pussy asked me to wipe them up so they
would not get all over her coat. Yes she still had her coat on. As she collapsed into a
deep sleep, I unbuttoned her blouse and unhooked her bra. On each breast I gave her five
hickes, something to remember me by for the next few weeks. I fell asleep myself.

About 9:30 Ginger cam into my room wrapped in a sheet. I asked her where Carol had
gone. She replied Larry had to take her to work. I asked about her, she said she didn?t
have to be in until five.

Without asking she crawled into bed with me. Surprised at first I asked what was all the
yelling about last night; she told me she was too small to take Larry?s 9-inch cock, yet he
still tried to push it in her.

No suffering that problem, I started to kiss her. After the appropriate nipple sucking and
clit flicking I could tell she was wet. I climbed on to and tried to enter her. I had the
same problem. She was tighter then a knot. I couldn?t get it in. Not wanting to blow my
load outside, I figured she needed some deep fingering. Plunging my index finger into
her was difficult. She was small; even I would never my cock into her. Giving up, I
resorted to the cock to clit rubbing, blowing my hot creamy load into her red hair.

We fell back to sleep. When I woke up later she was gone. Jeff and I never seen Larry
or the nurses after that. Apparently Jeff had a good time screwing all over the
downstairs of the house, yelling a few times for some to strap a board to his ass so he
wouldn?t fall in.

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