"Jungle Fever"  

RottenApple70 47M
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8/9/2006 3:49 am
"Jungle Fever"

Here is a story my friend Melissa told me about and I wrote it up, enjoy...

My name is Melissa and this happened to me while I was attending college. I
weigh 115 pounds, I have brown curly hair, brown eyes, 36c and a gorgeous smile.
It was the first month of school and I was still adjusting to being away from
home and all the freedom I had. I had met a few people from my classes. 3 guys
stuck out in particular. Rob, Peter and Bill. Rob and Bill were black and as hot
as ever.

They were both about 6'2 and very muscular. Bill was bald and Rob had some hair
but not a lot. Peter was your average looking frat boy. Around 6'0 and also very
muscular. They all played rugby and soccer together. Now, I had always been
somewhat of a slut in bed. I've always been willing to try anything but never
had the right people who would challenge me. I often fantasized about Rob, Peter
and Bill, but never all 3 at once. I was fascinated by the black male body and I
longed for a black cock.

So one day when I came home from a class I found a message on my answering
machine from Peter, asking me if I would come to the Rugby game that night, but
to come early if I wanted to get a seat. I was feeling pretty good that night so
I took a shower and I put on a short black skirt and a pink tank top. I didn't
wear panties because I wanted to make things more interesting. So I drove over
to where the game was and there was no one there. Then I saw Rob, Peter, and
Bill walking out of the locker room with towels on. I walked towards them and
when I got to them I asked them where everyone was.

All of a sudden Rob lowered his hand under my skirt and ran his finger up my
cunt lips. I looked up at him in shock but he smiled at me. Then I felt someone
behind me, rubbing my ass. I started to like this, after all I wanted them bad.
The guys took me by the hand and brought me into the locker room, where they let
their towels fall to the ground. I was amazed at how big their cocks were! Rob's
was about 9" and thick. Bill was about 8" and thicker than Rob, his cock looked
like it could have been someone's arm. Peter was 7.5" and also thick.

The 3 stood in front of me as I stared down at their cocks and licked my lips.
Peter came behind me and slipped my tank top off and started massaging my 36c
tits while he was teasing my ass with his cock. Rob fell to the ground and stuck
his head under my skirt and ran his finger up and down my pussy lips again to
feel if I was wet and sure enough, I was. I wanted them all to fuck me, good and
hard. Rob lifted his head and flicked my clit with his tongue. He stood up and
laid me on my back. While I was on my back, Rob pushed my legs back as far as he
could and he dove into my pussy, darting his sharp tongue in and out of my tight
hole. I looked up and saw Bill and his beautiful cock coming towards me.

Bill lowered down and let his cock fall into my mouth. I let my tongue run over
the head of his cock and then began to suck the head teasingly. I let my entire
mouth slide up and down his hard cock. Getting it nice and wet. Meanwhile I see
that Peter is underneath Rob sucking his black cock. His big hands are massaging
Rob's balls and his slutty mouth is sucking it so hard it looks like he's trying
to suck the black right off of him. I watch Rob's face and he looks like he's
about to cum any second. After watching that hot scene, my mouth goes to heavy
work on Bill's cock, sucking and licking it hard and fast. Then all the guys get
up and Rob lays down, they position his cock in my ass then Bill positions his
cock in my pussy and Peter gives me his cock to suck. I bounce up and down
loving this position.

I feel like such a dirty little slut. I start moaning loud as the guys laugh at
me and talk to each other about how much of a whore I am. They start talking
about who's gonna fuck my pussy next. They get up and leave me on the ground,
out of breath and Rob and Bill start to kiss. Their hands wandering all over
each other's bodies. Rob got on his knees and began to suck! Bill's enormous
cock. Sucking it like a pro. Peter comes behind Bill and begins to fuck his ass.
He holds onto his shoulders and fucks him back and forth. As I watch I rub my
clit and finger my cunt. This is getting me so hot.

The guys look at me and Bill says "Looks like the fucking dirty slut wants more
cock". Peter pulls out of Bill's ass and comes up to me and makes me stand
against a wall and spread my hands on it. He comes behind me and spreads my
legs. He then shoves his hard cock in my juicy cunt and starts fucking me hard.
I start screaming as I'm being fucked against the wall. I turn my head and watch
Rob and Bill get into the 69 position and suck each other senseless. Peter pulls
out of me and takes Bill's spot and starts sucking Rob.

Bill comes over to me and says " Mmmm a little slut for me to fuck" He bends me
over and starts slapping his cock over my ass. Then with one hard thrust he
slides his cock in my ass and starts fucking my fast and hard. With every thrust
I get a slap and I love it. He says "Who's my dirty slut? Who likes getting
fucked by everyone?" If I didn't answer him he'd slap my ass harder. I loved the
abuse so I didn't say a word. He began thrusting harder and he pulled out and
came all over my open asshole and my cunt lips. Rob came over and threw me on
the ground and spread my legs open and fucked me until I came about 3 times.

When he was about to cum he pulled out and shot it all over my tits and rubbed
his cum covered cock on my nipples. Then they got dressed and got ready for the
game, while I sat there, full of cum and naked.

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