Starke's Fantasy  

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10/20/2005 8:37 pm

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Starke's Fantasy

The building was almost deserted. Starke left the lawyer’s office and moved toward the bank of elevators. Reaching them he walked into the one elevator where the door stood open. He was surprised to find a beautiful, young woman already standing inside.

Her long auburn hair framed a heart shaped face accented with emerald green eyes and full luscious lips.

He distractedly punched the button for the lobby even though it was already lit. Stepping back to stand in the opposite corner from the young woman, he glanced at her.

Her outfit left little to the imagination, a short black leather skirt and a white lacy blouse buttoned up to the deep valley between her full breasts. The sheer material of the blouse did nothing to hide the fact she wore no bra. Her tan legs were bare and her feet encased in black stiletto sandals. Starke’s fingers tingled at the thought of touching her smooth flesh.

Her fragrance drifted to him, a heady aroma that made his body respond. Was it perfume or her natural woman’s scent? He took a deep breath, which was the wrong thing to do, and tried to take his mind off of his body’s reaction. But all of his senses were tuned to her slightest movement. As the elevator began its descent, he forced himself to watch the numbers. This was the slowest elevator he had ever ridden on. Reaching forward, he pushed the lobby button again, trying to make the elevator go faster before he misbehaved.

With a sudden lurch the elevator came to a stop somewhere between the 28th and 29th floors. Startled the woman grabbed for Starke’s arm. Responding to her silent request for comfort he put an arm around her. His position gave him an unobstructed view of the top part of her delicious breasts. From excitement or fear her nipples had hardened and strained against her lace blouse.

Licking his lips nervously, he opened the emergency phone box and managed to contact the security desk. It would be at least an hour, he was told. They should just relax. Relaxing was the last thing going through Starke’s mind. Repeating what he had been told to the woman he suggested they have a seat.

Sitting side by side, sparks practically flew between them. Starke looked at her face and was given a smile for his efforts. But not just any smile, the sexiest smile he had ever seen. It was too much to resist. In one swift movement his arms were around her and their mouths were locked in a soul shattering kiss. Tongue played with tongue, tracing every contour. She pulled away and began to rain tiny kisses over his face, then down his neck where they turned to little nips with her teeth and warm wet caresses with her tongue. His eyes closed for a moment in ecstasy.

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While kisses were distracting him, she reached for his hand. Guiding it in her own she inched it up the inside of her thighs to touch the warm wet area covered by a thin layer of silk. Leaving Starke’s hand there where it moved with light strokes over the slightly swollen lips beneath, she began unbuttoning his shirt. As each button was released she placed her lips and tongue on the uncovered flesh previously hidden. Once all the buttons had been opened her mouth moved to the small male nipples, taking turns biting them, flicking them with her tongue and sucking on them. While her mouth teased one nipple, the other was being tweaked between gentle fingers and raked lightly with her long polished nails.

Starke’s hand became more persistent pulling aside the silky material covering her wet pussy and reached underneath to stroke the smooth swollen lips. Her breath was coming in tiny gasps. She reached up and unbuttoned her blouse, her breasts spilling out under the warmth of his gaze. Her nipples were swollen and a deep pink. Starke’s eyes couldn’t get enough of the sight. He licked his lips, wanting to taste them.

Starke placed his mouth over one nipple, sucking and licking as his fingers explored her wet pussy. His finger slipped inside her, stroking and playing, while his thumb stroked her hard clit. A moan escaped the woman’s throat. His mouth returned to hers, the kiss deeper than before. Starke’s body was on fire.

But she was not finished with him yet. He felt a tug on his jeans followed by the sound of a zipper being pulled down. Nails raked down his chest, skin tingling in their wake. As they continued down, his abdominal muscles tensed with anticipation. His mouth still played with hers but his brain was concentrating on what would come next. The soft, ladylike hand reached inside the fly of Starke’s jeans and traced the outline of his hard cock through his underwear. Trying to move her hand inside the waistband of his underwear, she became frustrated with her lack of freedom to touch him.

Pulling herself away from him, the young woman stood. She then leaned over, her ripe breasts near his face. Gripping the waistband of his jeans she began tugging them down along with his underwear. With the release, his penis and balls sprang out hard and ready. He watched her face to gauge her reaction. The smile there showed she was impressed. When she thought she had pulled his jeans down far enough, she straddled his legs and placed her hand around his hard penis. Lightly running her fingers up and down its length, she followed the veins she saw their.

Starke sat mesmerized as this beautiful woman traced the contours of his cock with her fingertips. He had to touch her. He reached out a hand and played with one of her breasts. He felt her hand move to his balls. She massaged them lightly. Looking at her face, he saw the tip of her pink tongue lick her lips. She lowered her mouth to first run the tip of her tongue over his balls, then blow lightly over the damp skin. Chills ran up his spine and his cock grew harder.

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Her tongue traced the ridges slowly up his penis, occasionally blowing on him along her route. While her tongue was wreaking havoc, her fingers were teasing the foreskin and purple head of the engorged organ. Her mouth reaching the top she glanced up, smiled and placed her mouth over the head.

Starke groaned at the contact. The muscles of his buttocks were so tense. He wasn’t sure how much longer he could last. But he would do his best. He wanted to fuck her. He wanted his cock inside her warm wet pussy. But this would do for now.

The woman’s mouth slid slowly down his cock then quickly back up, her tongue flicking along the way. When she would reach the top she would suck on its tip. Starke placed his hand on her head to encourage her to keep going. Just when he thought he couldn’t last another second she lifted her head, gave him another smile and stood up.

He had just enough time to think, “She can’t stop now!,” before he was witness to her next move. Lifting her short leather skirt, she hooked her thumbs in the waistband of her black thong panties and slid them slowly down her legs and off over her shoe encased feet. Then standing in front of him, not the least embarrassed, she held the skirt up so he could see her. His mouth was actually watering at the sight. He would have to assume she was a natural redhead as all hair around her feminine lips had been shaved away.

Stepping toward him, she stood with her legs spread apart and allowed him a moment to touch her. Starke reached up and traced her pussy with his fingers. Putting his finger in his mouth to give some extra lubrication, he reached back up to trace her labia and clit. Her clit was hard and prominent, almost as hard as his cock. He rubbed over it and felt her muscles tense. Looking up, he saw that her head was thrown back and eyes closed enjoying the overwhelming sensations. Then he moved to place first one, then two fingers in her wet warm canal. A moan escaped her lips. But it wasn’t going to end this way.

Pulling his fingers out, he tugged her down to his lap. She resisted for just a moment until she knew what he had in mind then positioned herself over his straining cock. Before lowering herself on to him, she rubbed her swollen clit against the head of the penis, bringing back just the right sensation for both of them. Finally lowering herself on to him she began to slide up and down, trying to find the perfect spot.

Starke pulled her closer to suckle her breasts. He lowered one hand to rub against her clit as she was moving. Both of them begin a chorus of moaning, but the contact wasn’t quite right. The woman lifted and turned with her back to him, placing herself back down over him. The fit was so tight and felt so good. She leaned forward and as she moved Starke watched his cock move in and out of her. He felt the pressure start building and building. Tiny sparks began going off in his brain and his breathing became

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heavier and heavier. The muscles of the woman’s pussy were squeezing and massaging him. And then the explosion of his orgasm shook him only seconds before the woman’s.

They both let out very loud satisfied groans of pleasure.

Just as they finished they heard the elevator workmen trying to get the elevator restarted. They both scrambled for their clothes. As the elevator door finally opened they both stood, meeting the repairman with calm composed faces. Starke motioned for the woman to leave first and she turned and said, “Thanks” in a breathy voice followed by a wink. Then she was gone. But maybe he should have followed her and as he started to go after her the alarm clock rang…time to wake up.

roadguyTN1 56M
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10/21/2005 7:07 am

Dang! That sure got MY cock hard! What a great story! Thanks!

lumbrjack50 68
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11/9/2005 11:41 am

great setting for a great fantasy - you got it all! beautifukl woman, chance encounter, isolation, danger of discovery - the whol;e bit - got me hard and kept me that way. Rosy you're a dream, hon.Keep it up!

N2lotsru 57M
7 posts
11/10/2005 7:47 am

Very good writing ....god and so similar to my

sixandnine3 69M
3 posts
1/3/2006 12:07 pm

flows nicely Rosey...makes me wonder about the glass elevators at CNN...want to have lunch there sometime?

pleasure_al 44F

2/21/2006 12:16 pm


your story was great. you have done a wonderful job to paint a picture of a chance encounter with every detail descibed so well. Hope to read more of your writings in the future...

sassyJane02 55M/F

4/8/2006 2:25 am

Rosy captures the very essences of womans erotoica and may be headed in the direction of annis in. Her evocative, sensual use of all five senses will do more to bring a woman to arousal than the standard grap the breat and lets do it, He stororytelling ability and use of language keeps up wanting more and I can't wait for more and longer pieces,

ganiceguy4u 64M

4/18/2006 8:40 am

Excellent story, the imagery is perfect and the timing exquisite. You obviously have a fertile imagination and truly are someone I would love to talk with. You know how to reach me through some earlier emails. Please do so we can talk.

rm_EZ2bewith 66M
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10/10/2006 12:26 pm


Your classy sensual and very erotic story useds subtleness to describe an most erotic scene... My mind was easily able to translate that to something that was happening to me. I am sure female readers were easily able to slide into her position too.. once again you have proven: The Mind Is The Largest Sex Organ.

well done

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