Fact or Fiction (You Decide)  

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6/27/2006 5:54 am

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Fact or Fiction (You Decide)

There once was this beautiful lady and she was so horny that she didn't care who she had sex with. She searched high and low and found nobody to fulfill her needs and desires. Why was this is it because she was not looking for real? or maybe because she looked but didn't confront anyone. Anyway, she decided to just go take what she wanted. She took the first gorgeous man by the hand and led him into a corner of an alley and dropped to her knees and began giving him a blow job with extreme vigor. This still did not satisfy her so she then found the first beautiful lady and took her to a room and laid her down and ate her pussy really good. The lady enjoyed it so much that she returned the favor this satisfied her finally. So is this lady lesbian or is she just looking out for what best suits her. Fact or Fiction you decide.

violet41 47F

6/27/2006 1:09 pm

well i believe its fiction due to the fact that she also received satisfaction from the female rather than the male.Does not mean she is a lesbian per say,just what suited her needs at that particular time. violet

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