strange insight  

Roryardri 68M
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7/14/2006 12:05 pm

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strange insight

Cutting the grass. Shirt off. Not bad body for a fifty eight year old guy. No one around to see, but I enjoy the play of my muscles under the sweaty skin as I work the beat up old mower and see the emerging patterns in the grass. Thought occurs about sexuality. A neighbor's clothesline has a small ,,, and I do mean small...s.. group of g-strings. Or possibly small bikini bottoms. pretty sure they are thongs. very hot. Except. She has daughters. One is about twenty and cute, but far too young for my taste.. or good taste. The wife is not bad looking but her husband is a nice guy, and she reeks of cigarette smoke. They also have two girls in their young teen years. Shudder. So.... the thongs are not un-noticed but definitely unappreciated. It is not the lingerie, but the wish-fulfillment fantasy that it creates. I have been more excited by a glimpsed pair of cotton regular cut panties in the home of a client who is in her forties, bright, attractive and cultured. I curbed myself. One must never overstep the bounds when dealing with family of clients in home nursing. sigh.
The point?... I do not want to make love with someone I would not want to sit in a restaurant with, or go on a train ride with, or just sit on the porch watching the lightning and counting the seconds til the thunder.
so... since likelihood of the above is becoming more and more remote, finding it harder and harder to fantasize. Sit, quietly in the chat rooms watching the others interact so easily, slipping in and out of each other's playlets with practised ease. ...
Perhaps there is nowhere for me to go. Perhaps I have used up all of my allowance.

glidecc 42M  
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7/14/2006 2:29 pm

Perhaps there is nowhere for me to go. Perhaps I have used up all of my allowance.

I like how your writing goes so effortlessly from innocent child to soothing, old sage. Keep writing.

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