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RonnyATL 65M
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9/13/2005 7:45 pm

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3/5/2006 9:27 pm

Love Ya Babe

His name is Don. His last name has a bunch
of vowels in it and it's hard to pronounce.
We met through work and became friends very
quickly. We would go out to dinner, stay
at home and knock around, just being buddies.

He was a very touchy-feely kind of guy and
always put his arm on your shoulder and
said, "Love ya babe." When he did that to
me it made me sort of uncomfortable. But
I put up with it because it was his style.

He came from the city. Washington, DC.
Son of a cop who was the son of a cop.
I came from the country. Son of a farmer
who was the son of a farmer.

Don and I were total opposites in everything
but we clicked. For years we clicked.

One new years eve at his house we had been
drinking a bit too much and I decided to
light some bottle rockets. I held two of
them in my hand and lit them. In his
den. I tried to toss them out the patio
door but I missed. They hissed and sparkled
and popped. All over the carpet.

The women were screeching and us men were
pouring beer all over the smoldering carpet.
Then we fell down in the soggy carpet
howling. The women did not think it was
funny one bit. Don sat up with beer and
carpet in his hair, put his arm on my
shoulder and said, "Love ya babe."

One night Don's wife heard a sound outside
so she made Don get out of bed to check it
out. He was naked except for his boxer
shorts. He walked into the living room,
pulled back the curtain at the window to
look outside.

His own reflection stared back at him. It
scared him so much he yelled. His wife
heard the yelling, leaped up and closed
and locked the bedroom door, then she called
the police.

Don picked up a fireplace poker and opened
the front door to look outside. He stepped
out on the porch and the door closed behind
him. And locked.

He started banging on the door. His wife
heard the banging and called the police a
second time. She said the maniac was still
trying to break in.

The police showed up, flashed their spotlight
on this strange naked man with a fireplace
poker in his hand trying to beat down the
door. They handcuffed him and threw him in
the patrol car.

It took about an hour to straighten the mess
out, but they finally let him go.

Don and I traveled to Charleston, Norfolk,
Jacksonville, and other places together.
We would immediately hit the Officer's Club
and sit at the bar and talk. For hours we
would talk. We shared history, we shared
family, and we made out own history together.

He was always there for me and I was always
there for him. When hurricane Freddie hit
in 1979 he stayed at my house for a week.

He traveled a long way when my wife passed
away. Just to sit with me and talk.

"Love ya, babe," he said to me when he
hugged me. I didn't mind it so much that
time. I needed it.

Now that the hurricane has hit down south,
I can't find him. And I worry. I hope he
made it.

Don, love ya, babe.

Heathcliff101 42M

9/13/2005 11:35 pm

That is hard. I hope he turns up.

Fox4aKnight1 43F

12/8/2005 1:15 pm

hugs hun .........I echo Heathcliff101 just cause having a close friend is sometimes very important! hugs and thanks for talking to me when I have needed a friend and thank you for being so sweet as to come in and make me laugh by being outragous. Feel free to post whatever you like on my blog are a sweet friend hugs KO

artsyfox 43F
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2/7/2007 8:46 am

hugs Ronny ya

"We are, each of us angels with only one wing; and we can only fly by embracing one another."
Luciano de Crescenzo

countrygirl0903 53F

2/22/2007 9:50 am

Welcome to blogging
That was a great post
I hope your friend turns up safe
i will look forward to the post that you found him


A friend is someone that reaches for your hand and touches your heart !

naturaltouches 44F
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6/28/2007 7:59 am

pretty cool to get a chance to learn a little more about you Darlin'! Talk to you soon... ~Nat

Bring It On!!!

Seriously; because, I NEED it!

...Peace * Passion * Pleasure...

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