I Wonder...  

RomanceKiller_13 31F
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11/19/2005 12:42 pm

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3/5/2006 9:27 pm

I Wonder...

Here are some questions I have always thought about and never bothered about looking up the answers to them. Maybe somebody on this site has an answer to a few of them. Here goes...

1.Why is it that glue doesn't stick to the inside of the bottle?

2.Why is it that people push the elevator button more than once? Does it really make the eleveator come faster?

3.Why is it that the sun makes your skin darker, but your hair lighter?

4.What was the best thing before sliced bread?

5.Why did kamikaze pilots wear helments?

And finally...

6.Why do we press harder on the romote control when the batteries are already dead?

rm_357playa2 35M
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12/7/2005 11:23 am

Hey these are just some of the funny thingcrazy humans do not realizing that it is very Ironic!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! cool questions

rm_laboy439 55M

12/9/2005 5:11 pm

Is it wrong to tell a blind person "See what I'm saying"

Why do we ask questions when we already know the answers?

It is human nature to question things. That is how we learn, explore, and grow. Question led Henry Ford to invent the automobile, Marcus Garvey the streetlight and gas mask, and George Washington Carver, peanut butter. I hope we never stop asking why.

rm_357playa2 35M
41 posts
12/16/2005 11:35 am

Nice new applebottom pictures!!!!!!!! When you coming to visit???

bbrentnmarcie 52M/51F

12/21/2005 6:23 pm

Very good questions indeed..My biggest question is... Why did they put braile on drive up atm machines? Why do the say panties as plural ( being more than one) & Bra's singular (less than one)?. in the meantime I will think of a few answers for your questions also... Thanks Brent

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