Straight, bi, or confused.......  

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12/13/2005 5:21 am

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Straight, bi, or confused.......

Well I was surfing profiles (no one views mine or even writes me or IN FACT returned my mail....oh sorry getting off track) and found this confusing profile.... you tell me....

Profile for ------HotBaby
1. I'm straight, but I can appriciate a good looking man. I'm interested in exploring sex with another man or woman

My Comment...but I can appreciate a good man?? thought you were straight??

2. I don't have to be descreet, I'm not married, and don't have a girlfriend, if I did, I wouldn't be on this site.

My Comment...girlfriend??? see 1, your straight??

3. I don't consider myself kinky, but would like to give oral to a woman in a public place.

My Comment...oral to a woman??? see 1, your straight??

4. The only taboo I have in the bedroom is, anything too crazy, I'm not into pain or stuff like that, I am gentle and want my partner to be gentle.

5. The best place to have sex is...wherever it feels right, and when it feels right, in a car, in the woods, in a bathroom stall, in an office, in a classroom after school is out, in the kitchen, living room, or backyard.

6. One sexual fantacy I've always had is...meeting a hot Latin woman at a Spanish club, and dancing with her, and getting closer and closer, having some drinks, talking getting to know eachother, and just having a mutual attraction for one another, and then we go to her house and she lifts up her skirt, and pulls her panties to the side and rides my face until she climaxes all over me, and then we have passionate sex and I explode all over her.

My Comment...ride your Latin woman??? see 1, your straight??

So????? What do you think????

Sounds confused or just a fake who was busy creating multiple profiles from a template and got it screwed up.

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