OK it ain't short, but it is about Sex  

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12/3/2005 5:26 am

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OK it ain't short, but it is about Sex

Well here is chapter 2 of the short (but really long) sex story.

Chapter 2 ‒ The Pool Party

Every party we have hosted in the past several years Suzie has been invited to and she has never come to one. She has been too shy to come. But this party would be a different story. She chatted with my wife and discussed the invite. Suzie sent me a note telling me she would attend. The party was already going…people having fun and socializing. Suzie was wearing a denim short skirt and a white knitted top. I introduced her around, and then left her to socialize and meet the other guests.

It had been maybe an hour when I saw her next, standing in the hallway. She asked me where the bathroom was and I responded back around the corner. She said “Uhmm well I think its occupied for a bit”. I guessed that someone was getting fucked in the downstairs bathroom. Little did I know it was Sandi getting fucked by one of her boytoys. I told Suzie there was other bathrooms upstairs and I lead her up the stairs to the second floor. I stopped at the top of the staircase and kissed her. Our tongues met as soon as our lips pressed against each other. I reached under her top to find she was braless. My fingers quickly found her nipples and I began to massage them. I rolled them between my fingertips, feeling them harden. We broke the kiss and she told me she had to pee pretty bad. I pointed out the bathroom down the hallway. I followed to the bathroom door. She walked through and turned to close the door. As she started to close the door I stepped through. “Oh really now, you going to stay in here while I pee?” I told her yes, that is what I intended to do. She pulled her skirt down, revealing that she worn no panties. Suzie sat on the toilet spreading her legs. I leaned down to kiss her and fondle her tits. I heard the familiar hissing sound of a girl peeing and ran my other hand down between her legs. As my hand reached the top of her pussy she opened her legs just a bit. I began to message her clit as she continued to pee. As we kissed I moved my hand further down and felt her warm pee cascade over my hand. It felt extremely warm against my skin. I continued to move my hand down until I felt the opening of her pussy. Gently I pushed a finger into her pussy. Slowly my finger slid into her until I was knuckle deep. Suzie kept peeing on my hand as I finger fucked her. When she finished going I suggested we head to the bedroom. Suzie asked for a moment to wipe the remaining drops of pee from her pussy lips. I watched as she quickly wiped herself and stood up She grabbed her skirt and walked to the master bedroom bottomless.

I sat her on the bed and pulled off her top. Suzie was now completely nekid. I quickly stripped and climbed on the bed with her. I pushed her back and crawled over her so I could kiss her. As we kissed my cock began to harden. I rubbed it against her wet slit as we kissed. Soon I was pushing my cock into Suzie’s pussy. The wet warmth of her tight pussy engulfed my cock as I slid into her. As we fucked I played with her very tanned soft tits. Leaning down I took one nipple in my mouth, sucking it until I felt it harden. Then I took the other in my mouth and chewed on that one.

As we were fucking my wife walked in. “Hi sweetie, hope you don’t mind, Suzie looked too good not to play with her” I said as I slowed my strokes. She looked at us and laughed, don’t take too long she responded, you have other guests downstairs. We continued to fuck as my wife watched for a few minutes before she went into the bathroom to pee. I continued to fuck Suzie hard and fast. Her legs were spread wide as I pumped my cock into her. Suzie reached up and started to twist my nipples, driving me nearly to brink of cuming. I slowly my pace so I wouldn’t cum. I wanted to keep fucking Suzie as long as I could. But as soon as I resumed fucking her she kept playing with my nipples. It wasn’t long until I felt my balls tighten in preparation of firing my cum deep into her pussy. “Ahhhhhh damn girl keep that up and your going to make me cum” I moaned out to her. She got this evil look on her face and smiled. Suzie grabbed my nipples and squeezed them good. That was all that was needed to bring me over the edge. I pushed my cock deep into her cunt as the first blast of cum shot out. “Ahhhhhh ….Ahhhhhhhh……Ahhhhhhhh O fuck O fuck….damnnnnnnn” I screamed out. With my cock buried deep in her I unloaded a good load of my cum.

As soon as I had caught my breath, I pulled my cock out and slid my face between Suzie’s spread legs. My intent was simple, eat her creampie and make her cum good. My tongue found her clit and I started flicking away at it. I worked at the tip of her clit and then moved back to work my tongue along the length of hood, making sure I was applying enough pressure to simulate her entire clit. I knew that would drive her nuts. From her clit I ran my tongue down to her pee hole and pushed the tip against the small opening. I continue working my tongue against the hole trying to push my tongue in. Her and my cum was mixed together as I flicked at her clit. Moving my tongue down I scooped up some of the fluid dripping out of her pussy. Using my tongue I worked first on her pussy hole, then to her pee hole and back to the clit. It didn’t take me long to lick her pussy clean.

We got dressed and rejoined the party. I met back up with Suzie on the deck, she was wearing a terry cloth robe. We chatted for a bit and then someone asked if I was going skinny dipping “sure, lets go” I said. I stripped, throwing my clothes onto a chair. I asked Suize if she was going to join us. “OK” Suzie said. I reach over to her, unsnapped her robe and pulled it off of her. Now she was nekid, I could look at her a lot, but now it was time to get in the pool. I wandered down there with my two friends and Suzie took off behind us. I was busy playing with my friends and Suzie swam over to the far side of the pool. When I looked over Suzie was pressed against the side of the pool, nekid and surrounded by three guys. It was clear that she was using each of her hands to pump a different cock. The guys were working on her tits, one guy sucking on a nipple. This continued for awhile, playing in the pool. One of the guys hoisted Suzie up on the side of the pool so she was sitting on the concrete walkway with her legs spread wide. This gave the guy total access to her bare wet pussy. He leaned down and started licking her cunt. The other two guys climbed out of the pool and stood on either side of her. Suzie leaned to the left and took the hard cock in her mouth. Sucking on him for a few minutes, she then released him from her warm mouth. She then leaned to the right and took the other guy into her mouth. As she sucked his cock deep into her mouth, the guy between her legs kept licking away at her already used cunt. After several minutes of oral sex by the poolside, one of the guys hoisted Suzie up and lead her to one of the deck loungers. Susie got on her hands and knees on the lounger. One guy stood behind and slipped his cock into her pussy. Another guy stood in front of her and feed her his cock. The third guy moved to play with her dangling tits. The rapid thrusting of the guy in her pussy was a sure sign that he wouldn’t last too long. As he approached cumming, Suzie released the guy in her mouth so she could tell the guy in her cunt to fuck her harder. It wasn’t long before the guy in her pussy was moaning “oh ya oh fuck ahhhhhh hereeee it cums ahhhhhhhhh yes!!!”. He thrust his cock deep into her pussy as he unloaded his cum into her. As soon as he was finished, he pulled out and was replaced by the guy she had just been sucking on. The guy playing with her tits moved in front so he could get his cock sucked on. The group of people on the deck had stopped their conversation and was now watching the little gang bang that was going on near the pool. The second fucked Suzie hard and fast. It must have been the thought of doing her right after some else had or that the people on the deck were watching him, but soon he dumped his load into her pussy. The guy that Suzie was sucking moved into position behind her and pushed his hardon into her well fucked and very wet cunt. As the other two watched, the third guy fucked her good. His quick, hard thrusts into her pussy soon had her cuming and him unloading into her. So far Suzie had fucked 4 guys at the party and was quite finished. She got up off her knees, kissed each of the guys, thanking them for the good time. Suzie walked into the kitchen nekid, her titties swaying as she strode in. She got her self a drink and joined the group on the deck. Another couple was in the pool fucking and having fun.

When I finished playing upstairs, I came back down to find Suzie in the pool again. She was in the deep end with a guy she brought to the party. They were fucking. The slow rhythmic movement told me they were fucking slow and deep. You could hear the soft moaning as they fucked. Soon she was out of the pool, sitting on the concrete walk, legs spread wide while the guy in the pool ate her pussy. After licking her well fucked pussy, Suzie got back in the pool to continue their fucking. I walked back into the kitchen to get a drink and when I came back out, they were getting out the pool. I had lost count of how many times Suzie got fucked, but it was at least 5 or 6, and maybe more.

We sat around on the deck chatting with Suzie in all her nekid glory. She was a lovely sight to see. The almost satisfied look told the story. Her guy soon join another couple on the lounge chair, doing a threesome. We watched and when they were done, Suzie got dressed and left with her guy. It must have been around 2am. Suzie sent me an email the following afternoon “Thank you for a wonderful evening last night. I hope that I didnt go overboard. I really did enjoy myself. But you already know that too! I hope that you did as well!” I told her she need not worry, she could get that wild anytime at our parties. And I told her I did have a good time and looked forward to more with her. Later she confessed that she and her friend continued to suck and fuck when they got home after the party. It wasn’t until the sun came up that they stopped. I would have to say, all in all Suzie had a fun time.

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Fun? I would be on life support.

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