Look she has a wiener!!  

RogueDragon 60M
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7/16/2005 4:27 am

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3/5/2006 9:27 pm

Look she has a wiener!!

Saw that comment on a commerical for the series Tripping the Rift. Makes one think and ponder their position in the cycle of life. Do we know? Do we understand?

But sometimes a wiener is just a weiner....so pass the mustard, cause the ones on the grill are just about done.

rm_HotGuynFay 51M
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8/16/2005 9:42 pm

Strange dude, you ok today?

RogueDragon 60M
213 posts
8/17/2005 8:10 pm

I am just peachy, you?

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