It was a sex emergency  

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4/14/2005 12:32 pm

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It was a sex emergency

Ah now last evening was interesting. My wife is chatting away with some guy she met here on A.F.F. (no surprise there huh?? She and A.F.F. 120, me and A.F.F. Zero....OK...good now lets continue with the story).

All of a sudden she jumps out of her chair and runs into the bathroom. She comes out looking like she is ready to play (wooohoooo, I am thinking, I am going to get lucky tonight). She grabs her jacket (OK not a good sign) and tells me she is going to meet this guy in the parking lot of the high school to just chat and see if they like each other. "OK have fun, don't get into trouble" I yell at her as the giggling woman is running downstairs.

So I jump back online and start to chat with a number of friends and characters in a chat room on AOL. In there was a woman that I have been flirting with for ages. We once met a meet and great. She was a hoot, much younger (late 20's), tall, thin, big boobs and an awesome personality.

We begin to chat and I always kid her when she is going to invite me over to lick her pussy. She tells me she is super horny and I tell her if she is having a sex emergency I can be right over. Well was I surprised when she says is my address, can you be in here in 20 minutes? "Ah sure" I type. She sends me directions to her house and says "OK jumping in the shower" and off line she goes.

I call the wife....takes 3 tries for her to answer. Here I am thinking, they are not chatting, she is leaning over the hood of the jeep getting fucked....LOL. She finally answers, out of breath, and I will her I am headed to Trish's house to hook up with her. She catches her breath and tells "have fun honey, see you when you get home", giggling she adds "I'm having fun". LOL what a pair of sluts we are....

I arrive at the house and Trish is waiting on as I walk to the front door. She guides me upstairs to the bedroom where we kiss. Oh can she kiss. As we kiss I run my hands over her body. All she is wearing is a T-shirt and boxers. As we kiss I fondle her boobs through the shirt and then finally I put my hand under it and found her bare boobies.

She led me over to the bed and she sat on the edge, I kneed in front of her as she removed her shirt. I continued to kiss her and then moved down to suckle on each nipple, hearing her softy moan as I bite gently on them. Soon I had my shirt off and then she stood up and pulled off her boxers. Under the boxers she was wearing a very small black thong. I kissed my way down her belly and around the thong, breathing heavy on it so she could feel my hot breathe on her pussy. She was moaning as I continued to kiss around her panty-covered pussy. Final I pulled them aside, revealing a very wet and bare pussy. I plunged by down on the wet slit and I heard her cry out. Licking up and down and all around I devoured her pussy. I worked my tongue magic on it and before she or I knew it, she was cuming. I just kept going bringing her from one cum to another.

I stopped for a moment so she could rest and I moved up to kiss her. She licked my lips, tasting her pussy juices. I really do love those bi girls. We kissed and she worked her way down to my cock, sucking it deeply in her mouth, She kept playing and sucking on my cock for what seemed for every, before she released it. With her on her back, legs spread; I just climbed onboard, sinking my hard-on deep inside of her. We must have fucked liked bunnies for nearly an hour, when I need a break (hey I am old…ok). So I withdrew from her and then proceed to go back down on her. Making her cum a few more times before climbing back on and fucking her silly till I couldn’t hold back anymore. I filled her to the brim. Feeling my cock soften, I slid off of her and moved down to lick her freshly fucked pussy. She loved that and the fact that I made her cum several more times.

All in all it was a great first time and I look forward to helping her out on any future sex emergency.

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