Flying sucks  

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12/17/2005 1:05 pm

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Flying sucks

All it was was a quick trip to Baltimore for business. Fly up Thursday morning early, get almost a full day of work in and depart Friday evening allowing for another full day.

Then the big ice storm hit, but not here in town so the flight to Charlotte was OK, but my connecting flight was canceled and I had been put on a later flight to BWI. So I departed and got to hang out at the Charlotte ... WooooHoooo.

But I did to get Baltimore, just 4 hours later than I wanted and it was snowing, which turned to icy rain....just wonderful.

I worked my butt off and the following day was much better than I expected, the weather had cleared and all the snow and ice had disappeared.

After all the work was done I headed to BWI and got there early. Of course there are no earlier flights to Charlotte so I had time to kill.

I decided to get some chow and once you pass through security there, there isn't any good places. Oh well.

The flight to Charlotte was uneventful and I arrived at Charlotte and had an hour layover. I stopped for coffee and then we to the gate. There after waiting for 45 minutes I found that the flight which was supposed to take off at 9PM was delayed to 10:30PM, which was then pushed back to 11:45PM and then it was canceled.

So now I have to go through the nutroll at midnight to get the airlines to get me a new flight, a hotel room and all that stuff.

They did all that and around 1AM I finally got to the hotel and went to sleep. I had arranged for a wake up call at 7AM so I could get back to the airport for an 8:30AM flight. No wake up call...wonderful. But I got there in time no thanks to the hotel.

Now they begin to board this flight and they first people on-board the aircraft is grandma and grandpa. Grandma falls down while getting in her seat and demands medical attention to ensure she isn't hurt....WONDERFUL.

Well after a period of time Grandma is convinced that she really isn't hurt and more importantly she will not have a case to sue the airlines. So now we all board and we finally take off at the time we should have arrived back home.

Flying sucks.

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