Couples for sex  

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1/24/2006 2:40 pm

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Couples for sex

I have noticed a few, not many, but a few profiles that list themselves as a couple (i.e., 45/40 year old Couple (man and woman)) who really are just a single guy. The invisible female partner doesn't even rate getting her stats filled out.

But at least this one that I read is honest in his write up: "I am a dominant male who is outgoing and fun to be around . I am in fantastic shape at 45 years of age and I can perform multiple times and cant seem to get enough. I prefer entertaining at home as opposed to the bar/club scene. I can be with a couple or female alone depending on the people I meet."

But once you begin down the road of dishonesty (remember he said he was a couple) it is easy to lift some good pictures off a porn site and paste them on your profile as your own. The women in the pictures gets her face shown to the world (HEY I have seen that porn actress before, way cool, this guy with the invisible partner is screwing a porn star....cough cough NOT). And the easy thing is, his face is never shown so you can't really say it ain't him (lucky dog screwing that porn actress .... cough NOT).

After reading his pitch on his ideal person I can say he understands the concept of marketing himself and announcing that he has a hot mail account for those that "are intelligent enough to figure out how to" out and are "discretion_always" can contact him.

Nah I did not post his email address in Hot gay Guys Looking web page or anything else. Heck I won't even give it out if you ask, however begging with good nekid pics might get you somewhere.

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