Wanted - Ladies for a Caged Erotic Animal  

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1/4/2006 8:12 am

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Wanted - Ladies for a Caged Erotic Animal

You enter the room and stand before me. I touch your inner thighs gently with my mouth while caressing your back. I kiss you on your sexual mouth as you spread your quivering legs to accept more of my kiss.

I bring you down slowly on to the chair and remove your clothes with my warm hands. I touch every inch of your frame and raise my hands up your neck pulling your head back by your hair as I gently suck the skin on your neck and lips.

You lift your bottom up begging me to touch your soft warm lips and move into position on all fours with your hands spreading the mountain of joy you have waiting for me.

I rise up as I gaze at the beautiful warm water fall between your legs. You gasp as I slide one, then two fingers into your love nest. Rolling them around searching and finding the inner flame that fires you. It grows larger as I touch it then it releases its warm flow of love lava all over my hand.

I know you are ready for me and you can’t wait to accept me into the club where few men have been. You kiss my stomach and then my neck. I rise to your touch as I feel the warmth of your tongue and mouth. I begin to pulse with excitement as you slowly slide all the way down to my throbbing boulders.

When you’re ready for me you will find a way to my den. I am waiting for you.

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