Tornado - A Virgin's Tale.  

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Tornado - A Virgin's Tale.

It was a warm springtime day in Kansas. Angela was a 20 year old cute Brunette. Her parents had gone into town about 20 miles away, leaving Angela at home alone. Angela was upstairs on her bed listening to music with her headphones on. Laying there listening to the CD, Angela could feel her self beginning to feel a bit horny. She reached down beneath her skirt and slid her fingers inside her panties, and began to finger herself. The touch of her fingers felt so good. The music on her CD ended, and Angela got up and put another CD in her CD player and turned it on. Feeling thirsty she walked downstairs into the kitchen to fix herself as soft drink.

Out side the sky was beginning to get darker. A young man in a jeep was traveling down the dirt road in front on Angela’s house. It was easy to tell he was in a hurry, there was a bad storm coming and he was looking for shelter fast. He quickly pulled into Angela’s driveway, got out of his jeep and ran up to the front door. Inside the house Angela was dancing around the living room, listening to her CD, and shaking her pretty hips to the beat. The door bell rang twice, but Angela was completely oblivious to it. Outside the young man was beginning to panic and started banging on the door. Finally the banging, got Angela’s attention and she took her headphones off. She went over to the door and opened it. Standing there partially out of breath was Luke, the 17 year old boy that lived a few miles down the road.
“We have to get into a shelter” Luke cried out, “You have one don’t you, there is a tornado coming”.

Angela stood there shocked and silent for a moment. At that moment you could hear the tornado alarm siren startup in the distance. The sky was getting darker and starting to turn an ominous green. The wind was picking up and it had started to rain. Far in the distance still a few miles away, you could see it, a tornado, it was tearing through the fields and heading in their direction.
“Ah, Yeah, Yeah we got one she said”
Let’s get to it, Luke cried.
Luke bolted inside, grabbing Angela’s hand. “Where” he said.
“In the back” Angela replied.

The two quickly made there way through the house and over to the underground shelter in the backyard. Luke quickly released the latch and pushed Angela inside. Luke followed in haste and bolted the door behind them. The underground shelter was very small, only about 6 feet by 6’ and barely enough room to standup. The moved over into the back corner of the shelter and sat on the floor. Luke put is arms around Angela and held her close.
“We should be safe in here”, he said.
Both of the panting hard and frightened, sat there silently listening to the storm. The rain began to get louder and louder. Lightening and thunder got sharper and louder minute by minute. You could begin to hear hail falling hard against the shelter door. Before long you could hear the wind howling louder and louder, then the infamous sound of a train loudly passing by, it was the tornado overhead. The two huddled closely together with their arms wrapped around each other and holding on tightly. After a few moments the noise of the tornado began to subside. Before long all you could hear was the rain falling hard against the shelter door. Luke stood up,
“I’ll take a look out, he said”.
“NO…, not yet”, Angela cried, and pulled him back over to her for comfort.
“Ok, Ok, it can wait Luke replied and sat back down beside her.
Slowly you could hear the rain begin to slow to a steady shower outside.
“I believe it’s over”, said Luke, “but let’s wait until we can hear someone outside to be sure”
“Yeah…..thanks” Angela replied.
“Are you ok”, Luke asked.
“Yes, just fine, replied Angela.

Slowly the fear began to subside in them both and they began to talk. After a while they had almost forgotten about the tornado, they were setting, huddled together talking about their friends, families and laughing.
Angela turned and looked into Luke’s eyes.
“Thanks for saving my life”, she says.
Luke just smiles and pulls her closer.
Angela leans over and gives Luke a kiss. She pulls away for a moment and stares into Luke’s eyes. It was a good kiss she thought, actually it was a great kiss she felt. She leaned over toward Luke again for another kiss. Luke met her half way, and the two melted into a warm passionate kiss and long embrace. Luke moved his kisses across her face and down her neck. The passion was beginning to build within both of them. Angela unbuttoned Luke’s shirt and rub her hands across his chest. Luke pulled Angela’s shirt over her head and continued kissing her neck and shoulders. Angela leaned her head back enjoying Luke’s kisses. Luke reaches behind Angela and unclasps her bra and Angela slips it off, while Luke removes his shirt completely. Luck pulls Angela against him pressing her breast against his chest and they continue in passionate embrace. Angela reaches down and rubs her hand on Luke’s crotch. She could feel him getting larger and larger. Angela unbuckles Luke’s pants and pulls the zipper open, then reaches her hand inside to feel him. Luke looks into Angela eyes, “ah…..I’ve never…” he says.
“It’s Ok”, Angela replies.
“Ok” says Luke.

Angela reaches inside Luke’s pants and pulls out his penis and begins to stroke it. It quickly becomes very hard and erect. Luke closes his eyes and enjoys Angela’s stroking. Angela stops her stroking. Luke opens his eyes and looks down. Angela raises herself up and slides her panties off. Luke could catch a glance of Angela’s pussy beneath her skirt. Angela places herself on the head of Luke’s penis and slide him inside her. Luke let out a relieving breath, it was even warmer and smoother than he had hoped it would be. Angela began riding herself up and down up Luke’s hard penis, slowly at first the gradually building in speed. She took her fingers and began to massage her clit as she fucked his cock up and down. Luke puts his hands on Angela’s hips as she rode, the sensation was fantastic, almost indescribable and he never wanted it to end. Luke began to feel his cock getting harder and harder, the sensations building within it, until finally he exploded a blast of hot cum within her. Not far behind him Angela brought herself to orgasm and fell limp upon his chest.

The two held each other for a while, before Angela lifted herself up, withdrawing Luke’s half-limp penis from inside her. They sat there holding each other for a bit, until they began to here people outside. The got up, put their clothes back on and gave each other a kiss, then proceeded out of the shelter. Luke will never forget his first time, and neither will Angela.

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Damn, I could feel myself there.

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