The Erotic Justice Squad  

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The Erotic Justice Squad

I was a cold day in December. Tillerbabe, Saddletrampsk and Caressmewell had met as usual and were making a stop at the local bank to get shopping money for the rest of the day. The lines were long in the back and the 3 women had been waiting for sometime. Suddenly the front door burst open and 3 masked and armed men entered the back. The largest one of the three masked men, was obviously the one in charge. He shot into the ceiling with his pistol and shouted. "Yeah, this is a hold up, mind you manners and it will all be over quickly and no one will get hurt.” Tillerbabe, Saddletrampsk and Caressmewell all at the far line together looked at each other.
"Someone needs to do something", Tillerbabe says.
Saddletramp "Yeah, here we go again".
"Damn, And I just got these new shoes too", add Caressmewell.
The three women disappeared around the corner of the teller counter. Seconds later emerged - The Erotic Justice Squad.
On the left there was Tillerbabe in her bright red thigh-high boots and matching halter-top. Tillerbabe also considered to be "Flash Girl", was born with super human speed and agility. One the right was Caressmewell, as know as Electro-Woman. Unlike Flash Girl Caressmewell was not born with super powers, she had received her powers as a teenager, when she received a large electrical charge from a defective vibrator during on of her many manstribation sessions. Electro-Woman has the ability to manipulate electrical charges and also telekinetic abilities. In her electrical blue bodystocking she was a more than a match for anyone. In the middle was Saddletrampsk, also known as "Mistress". Mistress was born with super human strength and many parts of her body were invulnerable She was dawned in black fishnet hose, open at the crotch, a black widow bustier, leather whip by her side. All three stood there for a moment, hands on their hips, assessing the situation. "Ok girls, I'll create a diversion, stand ready, said Mistress (Saddletrampsk)

“Hey boys”, Saddltrampsk yell’s across the room. The 3 assailants turned them selves toward Saddletramsk. She rips the top off her bustier revealing her massive rock hard breast and erect nipples. The momentarily blinded the 3 robbers in lust, Caressmewell and Tillerbabe knew this was there moment to act. Tillerbabe ran toward one of the 3 men, so quickly he did not even see her. In the next second he was disarmed. Caressmewell pulled a boom-a-rang device from her utility belt and threw it at the 2nd man, disarming him as well. Tillerbabe ran circles around her assailant, teasing and undressing him at will, in only a few seconds, he stood naked before her. Caressmewell used her telekinetic ability to unfasten her assailant’s pants and unzip his fly and pull out his cock. Caressmewell then cartwheels across the room toward the robber. Once last flip and mid-air turn and she pushed him to the floor and landing straddle his face all in one motion. She held down his arms with her legs to the floor and her outstretched arms holding his legs. Caressmewell then began licking his cock with her tongue and sucking it with her mouth until he was fully erect and hard. Then in a surprising maneuver she turned self about impaling her self on his hard cock and began to ride.
Over to the side, Tillerbabe was still teasing and taunting the robber. She ran past him quickly just as he made a luck swing leaving Tillerbabe dazed. Tillerbabe brought herself to her feet and collected her senses leaning against one of the desks. The robber seizing the opportunity, grabbed Tillerbabe and threw here against the desk and leaning her over the desktop. The robber held down Tillerbabe with one hand and stroked his cock with the other, bringing himself to full erection. “So, is this what you were after”, the robber says. He then thrusts himself into Tillerbabe’s pussy as she is trapped on the desktop. The robber then begins fucking Tillerbabe from behind, her moans getting louder and louder.
My this time Carressmewell had finished herself upon her assailant. Only one last thing she needed to do, with her electromagnetic ability, she sent a large electrical shock through her pussy and into the his throbbing cock rendering him unconscious. Carresmewell looks up and see Tillerbabe being fucked wildly from behind. “Looks like you need some help there Tillerbabe. “Nah, I got him right where I want him” replies. A few more thrusts and Tillerbabe is brought to glorious orgasm upon the desk top. She takes in her pleasure for a moment, and then, in a flash Tillerbabe has the situation reversed. Now the robber was prone on the desktop and Tillerbabe was holding him down. “Through me that nasty little toy of yours”, Tillerbabe yells to Caressmewell. Carressmewell reaches into her utility belt and pulls out a silver dildo and throws it over to Tillerbabe. Tillerbabe catches the dildo in one hand and pushes against the neck of the robber, then pushes the button. Immediately a large electrical charge is sent into the robber and he lies limply across the table. Tillerbabe then gives the robber another applies another charge to his balls. “One more for good measure”, Tillerbabe says. The limp unconscious body of the man jerks a the sensation applied to his testicles.
“Hey, don’t use up all the batteries” Caressmewell cries, “I may need to use that myself later”
Now, left in the middle of the room is Saddletrampsk and the large man.
“Now you really don’t want to do that do you”, Saddletrampsk says to the large man.
“Yeah, says Carressmewell, you’ll only make her mad”
The large man just laughs and fires a shot at Saddletramsk. Saddletramsk quickly turns slightly, deflecting the bullet with her huge, bulletproof breasts.
Again and again the man fires toward Saddletramsk, each time the bullets are deflected away with Saddletrampsk’s invulnerable boobs. The last bullet catches Saddletramsk in the nipple and is deflected away.
“Damn”, Saddletramsk exclaims, “That one stung.
“Now you’ve gone and done it”, says Tillerbabe to the large man.
Saddletrampsk removes the whip from her side and with one quick swing disarms the man. Saddletrampsk begins moving forward toward the man. Another few swings of the whip and his pants have been removed in pieces. One more swing and the man is spun around toward an adjacent wall. Saddletrampsk pushed the naked man up against the wall. “Now you done pissed me off “, Saddletrampsk exclaims.
“You know what I need” Saddletrampsk yells to Caressmewell. “Yeah” replies Caressmewell.
“You should have listened to me” Caressmewell tells the large man.
She then reaches into her utility belt and pulls out a large, very large double sided strap on and throws it over to Saddletrampsk. Saddletrampsk quickly straps on the device and rams it massive cock into the ass of the large man. Over and over she thrusts the rigid device into the ass of the man, taking pleasure from the other end of the devices herself. Eventually Saddletrampsk has well satisfies herself and the man falls to the floor in a heap.
“Come on girls” utters Saddletrampsk, there is other justice to be served. And with that, the three women marched out of the bank just as the police were arriving. The three made their way across town, tramping out injustice, righting the wrongs, and getting laid at the same time. Such is the life of “THE EROTIC JUSTICE SQUAD”.

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Woohoo..Imma super hero with bulletproof boobies..hehe

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What a mind....

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