Spin the bottle, Chapter I  

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Spin the bottle, Chapter I

The six of use were on our way back to my apartment after attending a party that should go down in local history. We had all been friends for years. About the girls; first there was Janet, a slender redhead. Janet was the type of girl that did not need any makeup to look hot. She had beautiful curly strawberry blond hair, green eyes, and the best kisser I ever knew. Next there was Amy. Amy was a knockout Blonde. Slim figure, blue eyes and an ass that could place 1st in any short-shorts contest. Then there was Blairbie; Blair for short. Whew, can you say about Blair without melting the nearest fireplug. Blair had gorgeous brunette hair, and a figure that would just kill. Incredible legs and perky breasts that kept your eyes bouncing out of your head. Next were the guys. First there was Evan. Evan was a soccer player, tall dark and handsome, yeah every woman's dream. Evan was part Brazilian with his dark hair, brown eyes and natural tan. Yeah, the girls swooned over him. Then there was Charles; we called him "Peanut". The nickname was pinned on him early in high school to make to make fun of his prick, but truly it was as far away from a peanut as you could get. I was so envious. Peanut was also a curly headed blonde, average height, blue eyes the kind of guy the girls chased all thought school. And finally there was me, Thomas; but everyone calls me T.J, that everyone but Janet who calls me Tom-Tom. Janet has called me Tom-Tom since we were kids, never did know why, but I liked it. So you can get a good mental picture, I am average height, brown hair, and hazel eyes. I always considered myself Mr. Average (well maybe at least one step above average), not bad looking by any stretch, not a super model either, but I do have a might fine ass if I do say so myself.

We all arrived back at my apartment; all still wound up from the party. I went to the kitchen and pulled out some drinks and chips. We sat down in the living room and started to watch some television. Amy, Evan, Blair and Peanut on the couch, I sat in my favorite armchair, Janet on my lap. We flipped the channels around several times, no one could agree on anything to watch. We scrolled through all the channels, making comments on all the commercials and movie we say. The comments graduated from Wooooo nice ass on that one to more and more erotic comments. Obviously we were all getting horny. Finally I had an idea. I got up and went over to the TV stand and pulled out a DVD to watch. I didn't say what it was, I just wanted to see what their reaction would be when I played it. Janet smiled an evil grin; she knew what I was up to. Peanut calls out, "Got any popcorn to go with this". I replied, "Yeah, I got some in the kitchen if we need some". Amy said, " well I want some, so I will make it", and proceed on into the kitchen to made the popcorn. The movie started. I watched everyone’s eyes get bigger and mouths drop open slightly, then smile, it was Porn. They all watched the movie, their eyes not leaving the screen for a second. You could see the guy’s dicks getting harder in their pants and the girls wiggling in their seats and touching their breasts, unaware they were even doing it. About that time Amy comes back into the living room loaded with popcorn. As she enters the room she shouts out, "what's going on in here, just has gotten awfully quiet". She sets down the popcorn and turning toward the television says, "What are you waaatchin......Oh Myyy God!", Alright who's idea was this. I gave her a hand gesture to acknowledge that it was my idea. Amy sets down to watch uttering "yeah, now this is my kind of party" as leans back into her seat. The movie ended. You could tell the temperature in the room had gotten several degrees hotter. Peanut says "Hey, got any more". I replied "yeah, but, I have another idea, Let's play a game". Blair says "What kind of game". I replied, "Well sort of like spin the bottle, here's how you play." They all listen intently as I reveal the instructions to playing the game.

First we play a bottle on the table and spin it. Each round has 3 spins. "How do you tell who wins" Amy asks. "I believe you will find that out along the way, I reply. "We put the names of all the girls in a circle around the bottle, that's the first spin, choosing the guy" I said. "Next we put the girls names around the outside of the boys names, to choose the girl. That's the second spin. "Then what, Blair asks anxiously". Well we put names of things for the girl and the guy to do to each other around the girls names". "What kind of things", Janet asks, as if she didn't already know. "Well I said, here is the list"

Oral Sex
Fuck - missionary
Fuck - doggie style, extra points for anal
Fuck - cowgirl
Fuck girl’s choice of position
Fuck guys choice of position
Manstribate self
Manstribate partner

Once the spins are made the pair will act as a team to perform the disignated sexual act, and gain points for it.

"How do we get points", Janet asked. "The others in the group will judge you on their arrousal, your technique, etc. Points will run from 1 to 10". "Kind of like the Olympics, Evan asked. "Yeah, the Fuck Olympics" Amy said. "I suppose you could call it that", I replied. "What if you get picked twice in a row", Peanut asked. "Thats the luck of the game", I replied. "Oh, and one more thing I forgot to mention, I said. "You also have access to these. I reached behind the couch and pulled out a blue bag. This got everyone's attention immediately. I opened the bag and poured it's contents out on the table. Spread across the table were various types of condoms and toys. There were plain condoms, colored condoms, studded, ribbed, and flavored condoms. Among the toys were several silk scarves, a a couple of vibrators, and cock rings. Amy licked her lips and said "Oooooh Weee, my kind of toy box". Peanut walks over and picks up a vibrator to examine it. "So that's what one of those things looks like" he says. "One more thing", "I am assuming that everyone is still disease free, I said. "It's not worth passing along anything to the rest of us, afterall we are all friends here", I continued.

"So, I say if there are no more questions, everybody want to play". We all looked at each other for a long while. Peanut was the first; "I'm in". Blair, "sure I'll do it". Amy, "I'll put the names on the board and get the bottle, let's get started", Evan reluctant at first finally gives in after I tell him if he doesn't play, the he can't watch. Janet says, "You know I'm in". "Well, it was my game, so I have to play, hehe". Amy runs over to the table to begin setting up the play pieces. Now, the game is setup and ready to play. I ask, "Now who wants to make the first spin". Janet speaks up first, "I will". "The bottle has to got completely around at least once, or it doesn't count" I said. Janet takes the bottle and spins it on the table. After a couple of turns, the bottle slowly comes to a stop.

To be continued....

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