Spin The Bottle - Chapter III  

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12/28/2005 9:48 am

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Spin The Bottle - Chapter III

The bottle slows down and lands on……."Fuck Cowgirl".
“YeeeeeHa” yells Amy,
“Ride em Cowgirl”, adds Blair
Evan just has a big grin on his face. He can be so reserved.

Amy grabs Evan by the belt an pulls him to the middle of the room, bouncing her way as she goes. Together the start doing a strip tease, with Amy leading the way and Evan right behind her. It didn’t take Evan too long to get loosened up and into the show. They were taking off pieces of clothing, swinging them over their heads and throwing them around the room. With mixed in a lot of hot kissing and some seriously heavy crotch grinding on each other throughout the striptease. Finally Evan was completely naked, leaning back, swinging his hips and gyrating his hard cock in the air. Amy was down only to her pretty white thongs. Amy leaned over and gave Evan’s cock a long lick up the shaft and then removed her thong. Lordy she had the finest ass I have ever seen. Most models would kill to have a creamy firm ass like that. Upon removing her panties we realized that Amy was very neatly clean-shaven. This brought lots of catcalls from the rest of the group including myself. The sight of that sweet clean-shaven pussy made me drool.

Evan kneeled himself down and lay on the floor. Amy faces Evan and places herself straddle upon him. Amy takes hold of Evans hard 7” cock and slides herself upon it. As she impaled herself, her eyes rolled back in enjoyment of the sensation of his hard cock filling her. Slowly at first she began fucking his cock up and down, up and down, back and forth. Gradually she built up the momentum and began grinding herself deeper into Evans crotch. Amy got up here momentum now and was riding his cock like a real cowgirl up and down, swinging her arm in the air and yelling “Yeeeeha”. Moments later, Amy yelled out “Damit Evan”, “SHIT!” By the look on Evan’s face, he had already cum. Amy immediately got off of Evan. Evan just lay there for a few moments, embarrassed; his cock was already beginning to get soft again. Unfortunately the strip tease had taken so much time that there was not enough time left in the 10 minutes for Amy to get Evan back up again. Amy threw on a shirt and stomped off into the corner. Evan got up and put part of his clothes back on, never saying a word.

“I guess we need to vote now, I said.
Peanut was 1st, “I’ll give them a 7”.
Blair “8”
Janet “I really liked the strip-tease, so 9”
“I guess I have to give an 8”, I added.

“Lets take a short break and see who goes next I said”.
Everyone took a break and went to the kitchen for a drink. I pulled Evan aside. “Don’t worry about it,” I said. “If she was riding me like that, I would not have lasted that long”. And I was not kidding either. “Besides”, I said we are just getting started.

After everyone had gotten their drinks we moved over to the table again. I spun the bottle this time. After a couple of revolutions it landed on ….”Blair”. “YEAH”, exclaims Blair. Blair takes the bottle and spins it. Round and round it goes…. and it lands on….. “Thomas”. “SHIT”, exclaims Peanut, “OUT AGAIN”. I felt a little bad because this would make me going twice, but “Hey that is the game”. We let Amy spin the bottle to see what we needed to perform. The bottle spun around and landed on “Use of a toy girl's choice.” Blair made her way over to the box of toys and began making her choice.

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