Spin The Bottle - Chapter II  

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12/1/2005 10:13 am

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Spin The Bottle - Chapter II

The bottle spins around once, then twice. They all watch anxiously to see who goes first. Slowly the bottle comes to a stop on ……..”Janet”.
“No way” Lynn shouted, “You can’t get your own name”.
“Yeah” Amy added, “You had to have cheated”.
“Cheated”, Janet replied loudly, “How could have cheated”.
Lynn - “I don’t know… but it can’t be fair”.
Janet - “Ok then…Let one of the guys spin for the first girl’s name.
“Ok” said Lynn.
“Good Idea” added Amy.
“I do it” said Peanut, and he reaches over to spin the bottle. “I’ll put a good spin on it”, he says.
Peanut spins the bottle hard. Once around, twice around, three times, the tension is mounting. The bottle starts to slow down.
Peanut ‒ “And the winner is…………..Janet”.
All the guys started laughing. Janet stuck her tongue out at the other two girls.
Evan - “Sure looks like Janet is supposed to go first”.

“Now it’s time for a guy to be picked”, I added. “Yeah” said Amy said anxiously, “and I am doing the spinning this time”. Amy spun the bottle around. After a couple of revolutions it bottle slowed and landed on ……”T..J.”. “Damn”, Evan and Peanut said in unison. I just smiled, but I had been secretly crossing my fingers behind my back. I wanted to have Janet again so bad, and I didn’t care if anyone was even watching when I did it. Most of the time, there is a slight swing you get when your name is called. Even if it was someone that really turned you on, you usually loose sexual interest for a second because of the unconscious uncertainty. But this was not the case this time, I was wanting Janet so bad, my dick got even harder within my pants. Janet came over and stood beside me, smiling. I took Janet by the hand, fingers entwined.

“Now, we need to see what they are going to do for us”, Lynn said, “and I will spin for that”. “One more thing I need to add about the game”, I instructed. “You can perform you act anywhere in the house you want, you just need to be in clear view of everyone else when you do it” .
Lynn took the bottle and spun it around. Two revolutions and it lands on….” Fuck girl’s choice of position. Janet looked away from the bottle and right at me. She smiled, then raised her eyebrows twice. I knew; Janet she had something special planned for me.

I took Janet bye the hand and lead her to the middle of the living room. “Is this a good spot”, I asked Janet. “Perfect”, Janet replied. “We just need a little more room”, she said. Janet bent over and slid the coffee table across the room and came back over to me. I leaned over and whispered to Janet, “Lets show them how it’s done. “Way ahead of you Babe”, Janet whispered back. We stood there for a moment eye-to-eye. Then she raised those eyebrows twice again at me. In a moment, Janet began to slowly move around me, never loosing direct eye contact. It was so erotic the way she just could just totally seduce me with her eyes. The other all stood around us speechless. Evan unconsciously dropped his jaw. I heard and “Oooooh man” uttered from Peanut. Lynn added a, “Yeah baby!”, and Amy just licked her lips. I was starting to ask Janet what she had in mind, but all I got out was “Wha..” in a low voice, when Janet, saying nothing, put over finger over my lips to quiet me. Lord I thought I was going to cum in my pants right then.


AusTxman032 50M
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12/1/2005 11:28 am

Rockhard...excellent story...if it has some truth in it...What the hell was I doing in college...shit! LOL...I eagerly await the next installment..

Rockhard2x6 54M

12/2/2005 6:04 am

Thanks, AusTxman

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