Spin-The-Bottle, Chapter II, conclusion  

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Spin-The-Bottle, Chapter II, conclusion

Janet and I continued to hold each other passionately kisses for a couple of minutes. I reached down and unfastened Janet’s shorts, allowing them to fall to the floor revealing her beautiful baby blue panties. Janet unsnapped my shorts, then put her arms around me, put her hands down the back of my shorts and grabbed my ass. Her eyes got bigger for a moment, then she shouted out "OMG Commando". Surprised and aroused even more she pulled me to her by my ass and kissed me even harder and more passionately. She pushed my shorts down so they would fall to the floor. Yep, sure enough I was not wearing any underwear. Everyone started laughing, but you could tell that that thought of not wearing underwear was erotic to everyone.
Peanut - "I wish I were that brave"
Blair, giving a quick glance down to check out Peanut's crotch - "Yeah...I wish you were too."
Peanut - "Patience Blair, you'll get your chance".
Blair licked her lips in anticipation.
While this was going on Janet took the scarf still in her hand and wrapped it a couple of times around my wrist, tying us together.

I kneeled down before Janet, burying my face in her crotch, and started licking her very wet pussy. Mmmm, I love the taste of a nice wet pussy. Janet closed her eyes, moaned with the pleasure and held my head fast against her. I licked her up and down several times and around her clit, then stuck my tongue in and out of her sopping wet pussy. Janet put hands on my shoulders and pushed me back slightly.
"OK Cowboy, enough foreplay......this cowgirl gotta take a ride".
Janet slid herself down before me until we were face to face, using my lap as her seat. She took her left hand, grabbed the shaft of my cock and stroked it a few times, making sure I was ready to fulfill her needs. Yeah, right, like I wasn't already hard enough to hurt. I put on the condom I had open and laying close by. Janet raised herself, placed her pussy on the head of my cock, and slid me inside her. Janet and I grasped both hands together, fingers entwined as she rocked herself back and forth, up and down a couple of times, then I lay back for her to enjoy her ride. Janet released the grip of her left hand and began to finger her clit. Our wrists still bound together by the scarf; she placed her right hand on my chest, I placed my hand on top of her's. She began to grind her crotch deeper into mine; I could feel her wet juices running down my crotch and onto the floor beneath me. She continued to grid into me, biting her lip and taking in the deep penetration. Finally she worked herself up and found her spot and began to fuck up and down upon my hard cock. Everyone could hear the sucking and slapping of her soaking wet pussy on my cock. As she road she quit biting her lip and opened her mouth breathing deeper and deeper, sighs and moans getting louder and louder. As far as Janet was concerned there was nothing in the room but her and my cock. Nearing her climax now; she leans back to massage her engorged "G" with my hard cock. I hold her right hand with mine to steady her. Up and down my cock she rode, grabbing the shaft on the up stoke and burring her ass in thighs on the downstoke. A few more stokes and she arched herself back, took a deep breath and took in her intense orgasm, then fell forward motionless upon my chest.

Janet lay panting upon my chest for several moments. To my utter surprise, I still had not cum myself yet. I guess that little squeeze did its job. Janet slowly set herself upon again, my still hard cock buried within her.
"No finished yet baby,” she said.
She started rocking herself back on my cock again.
"I get you off baby" she says.
Janet took both of my hands and stretched herself out across me, hold my hands down to the floor. The grabbed my cock the best she could with her still very sensitive pussy. Her breasts barely rubbing my chest, she fucked my cock with slow, with stokes so long that eventually I actually lost penetration. Then Janet fucked the shaft and head of my cock with the lips of her pussy, and massaged her clit with its head. OMG that felt sooo good. I didn't take much of that for me to exploded in my own orgasm. She continued to massage her clit a few more stokes with the head of my now softening cock until she had another small orgasm. I put my arms around her as she say on top of me still panting.

By this time the room had gotten very quiet. Janet her left hand slowly and pointed in the direction of the spin-the-bottle game board.
"Score That" she said breathlessly.
Peanut was the first to break the silence....."Ah...10" he said.
"Yeah defently a 10" Blair added.
Evan - 10"
"Ah yeah, 10 for sure" says Amy.

It got quiet again for a moment, Evan, Blair, Amy and Peanut, stood there staring at our sweaty, but well satisfied bodies, lying in the floor. Amy looked up and quickly ran to the game table, shouting, "I gotta take my turn". Blair right behind her yelling "Not before me you don't". They all arrived to the game board around the same time. Janet and I picked our selves up off the floor. I sat in the easy chair. Janet put on one of my shirts, then leaned herself up against my leg for a rest.

Around the table gathered Evan, Amy, Blair and Peanut. Amy took the bottle and gave it a good spin to choose the next guy to play. A couple of turns and the bottle landed on ......."Evan".
"Damn" says Peanut.
Evan takes the bottle and spins it. A couple more revolutions and the next player is........"Blair"
"ALRIGHT", exclaims Blair.
"Shit" utters Amy.
Peanut takes the bottle again and spins it to determine what the next game will be. One revolution, two revolutions.... the bottle begins to slow.

Continues in chapter III

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Hummmm,,,,a work in progess, not bad.

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