Sieze the moment.  

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11/14/2005 6:15 am

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Sieze the moment.

It was a particularly rainy day. It has already been storming most of the morning. I pretty much had the whole day to myself this day. You had a small shop in the middle of town, so I thought I would drop in to see you. Hopefully with the weather as bad as it had been all morning you could close shop and we could go play. I arrived at your shop to find you hard at work behind the counter. As I had figured there was the weather had driven everyone inside and you had no customers at that moment. I came over to the counter a proposed my plan for the day to you. You told me that you really had some end of the month book keeping that needed to be done and you could not get free today. I continued to hang around for a while and chat with you, enjoying the time just to be with you. After a little while a customer finally did come in to the shop. You left behind the counter and went out to help the customer. The customer seemed to be more browsing than actually buying. While you were with the customer, I moved around the counter and slide myself under the counter top where you had been working. Unseen to anyone else within the store. After a few minutes with the customer you return, behind the counter and continued you work. I waited a few moments, then slide my warm hands between you legs and up you thighs. You let out a sharp startled breath that could be heard though out the store. You had been very startled, but you realized it was I almost immediately being my mean self. The customer heard your sign and asked if you were all right. You thought for a moment and "Yeah, I just thought I saw a mouse, but it actually wasn't". Quick thinking on your part I thought. The customer went back to browsing in through the store. I continued to stroke the inside of your thighs. Then I decided it was time to push the envelope. I reached my hands up under your skirt and began pulling you panties down. At the same time I leaned up where my lips could reach your crotch. I began licking your pussy. I was so mean. You had to decide if you were going to bust me in front of the customer or just stand there and enjoy it. You took the later. I spread you legs slightly so I could reach the soft tasty inner lips of your pussy and your clit. I continued to lick you slow and torturously until you finally orgasmed. You closed you eyes and just stood there still, taking in the pleasure. About that time the customer finally decided to leave. I gave the customer a couple of seconds to get out of sight then raise up from underneath the counter. My cock had gotten so hard in the excitement or eating you right in front of the customer. I unzipped my pants. My cock literally sprang out of my pants it was so hard. Coming prepared for a hopefully erotic day of play I lubed up my cock and raised you skirt. You were still standing there taking in you orgasm. You immediately realized what I had in mind and leaned your ass back to accept me. I put my cock against your ass and pushed my way in. You moaned as in entered and filled you. I started stroking slowly at first and gradually began building up speed. I held you hips and continued fucking your creamy ass until I finally exploded inside you. You allowed my throbbing twitching cock to calm inside you then I withdrew. You walked around to the front of the counter and over to the front door. You hung up a sign the said "Be Back Later" and locked the door. Then you turned around and headed back toward me. You took your panties the rest of the way off and threw them over on a nearby coat rack. Ok, now that was truly sexy. We spent the rest of the morning having passionate sex on every desk, chair, table, wall and floor we could find.

caressmewell 53F

11/14/2005 7:26 am

Wow! Hot, hot, hot!! Thank you Rock.

Rockhard2x6 54M

11/14/2005 9:31 am

Anytime Caressmewell

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