Seventh Inning Stretch.  

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2/7/2006 7:32 am

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Seventh Inning Stretch.

We found our seats at the stadium just before the first pitch was thrown. It was a great game, so exciting. The lead had changed back and forth several times, and my team was ahead by two. The seventh inning stretch came around and many people had gotten up to get refreshments. You were setting back putting on some lipstick, you know how I like to watch you do that. You went put your lipstick back in your purse an accidentally it. The lipstick tube fell to the concrete at your feet and rolled over the edge of the seat in front of us. You asked me if I would retrieve it for you. I bent down and picked up the lipstick tube. Trying to be cool, I turned my head so I could sneak a peak up your skirt. To my surprise you were not wearing panties. I could feel myself getting hard immediately. I looked up at you, and found you smiling at me, then gave me a wink. I thought I was busted, but in fact I was setup, and I liked.
The seventh inner finished and the game was still close and exciting. You spent the entire eighth inning rolling your drink bottle up and down the inside of your thigh. You just look over at me occasionally, smiled and then continued to rolling the bottle up your thigh. By the end of the eighth inning I was totally horny and tore all-to-pieces to have some. I said “To hell with the game”, I grabbed you hand and stood up to leave. You pulled me back into the seat and said, “Let’s finish watching the game. The game went into extra innings, 13 to be exact.

Paybacks are Hell!

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