Self Indulgence  

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11/11/2005 12:42 pm

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Self Indulgence

I knocked on the door and you answered, standing there, bare foot, wearing a thin slinky house dress. No bra and no panties. You smiled and motioned me to come in. There was no need for chit-chat, we had already done our conversing earlier. You smiled, took my hand, and lead me to your bedroom. Upon reaching the foot of the bed you turned, facing me. We were close enough to each other I could feel the warmth from you body, but we did not touch. You reached out and handed me a scarf, then turned around facing the bed. You placed one soft ear plug in each ear to. I took the scarf and placed it around your eyes as a blind fold, and tied it gently behind your head. Now, there were no outside distractions light or sound to distract you from your concentration. You stood there for a few moments, as I removed my shirt. There were no doubts or fears, you knew exactly what I had planned for you. Still behind you I leaned over and began kissing the back of your neck. With my lips, I could feel the Goosebumps appearing on your skin, causing tingles down the back of you spine. I placed my warm hands on your shoulders kissing and gently licking down your neck. I moved up against you, kissing around your neck, across the side of your face to your lips. As I get close to your lips, you turn you head toward me and we began passionately kissing, caressing each other’s lips with our tongues. I took my hands and caressed across your shoulders, moving the straps of your dress over your shoulders and down your arms until it freely fell to the floor. You kneeled on the end of the bed, then slid your self up on the bed, lying face down. I placed myself on the bed beside you. I poured some warming massage oil I had brought with me into my hand, swirling my hands around to spread it evenly on my hands and warm the lotion some more. I started massaging your neck and shoulders with my hands. Slow circular motion with firm pressure. I could feel each muscle responding as my hands glide over your body. I moved down and began massaging your upper back, then your lower back. I applied some more lotion and slowly moved to the small of your back. I began massaging you soft firm ass, slowly and firmly. Using both hands I massage down your thighs. You could feel my fingers massaging the insides of you thighs as massage up and down. After a few minutes, I apply some more lotion and begin massaging the your calves, ankles and then you feet and toes. I massage the bottom of you feet with my thumbs and the tops of your feet with my fingers. I begin making long firm strokes up and down you legs moving back up your body. I massage you ass again for a few minutes. Your starting to get wet, and I know it. I move up your back and shoulders with long, firm stokes. My hands massage across your shoulders and across you side and down to your ass again. I continue this for several moments. My hands glide across your back and to your sides, then I raise you up slightly. My hands move across your upper chest and the slowly down your breasts. I move my hands down massaging you stomach and down. You raise your self at your waist as I move down. My hand move down massaging your abdomen and across you pussy. I can fell you wet. I take my hands and roll you over. I apply more lotion to my hands and begin massing your chest, and then slowly massaging your breasts. I move down massaging your stomach and abdomen gently. My hands move down across your pussy and I massage a little firmer. More lotion, and I move my hands up and down massaging your thighs. I continue on, down to your feet and toes. Now your body is completely relaxed and every nerve is excited, anticipating more. I take my lips and begin sucking gently on your toes. Shivers move up your legs. I begin kissing up the inside or your legs. I slow down and begin kissing and licking the inside of your thighs. You anticipate me as I move closer and closer to your pussy. I move you leg over slightly and began licking the space between your pussy and your thigh. I take long, very slow licks all around the outer lips of your pussy. I take my tongue and very slowly lick up and down the lips of your pussy, being careful not to touch the clit yet. I can feel you begin to wiggle, but this only the beginning of the slow torturous delight. With the end of my tongue I makes zigzags across the lips of your pussy, opening you slightly with my tongue. I massage the inside lips of your pussy with my tongue, then begin licking around the your inside lips. I move down the inside of your lips to and begin slowly tongue fucking you. I increase the motion of my lips and tongue, fucking you harder with my tongue. You breathing deeper and deeper, your hips slowly gyrating taking in every motion, but you are still not ready to cum. I turn my head around to the side so I can take one side of pussy lips in my mouth and begin to suck. At the same time I gently begin to finger the outside of your pussy. I would my fingers around massaging your pussy and moving my fingers inside you. I massage your "G" spot with my fingers while at the same time begin licking small circles around your clit and lightly sucking. You can hardly stand it and more. I can feel you moving closer and closer toward orgasm. You arch your back just as you are reaching the point of climax. You are almost there. Just as you reach the edge, I gently almost unnoticeably I slip the tip of my pinky in your ass. This sudden subtle sensation pushes you over the limit and you arch yourself up, taking in a deep breath as you severely orgasm. The orgasm lasts for several moments and you begin to lay motionless on the bed.

You lay there completely motionless for a while taking in you incredible orgasm, made even more intense by the lack of sound and light to distract you. I set there, smile and look at my handiwork.

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