Orgasms - Probably more than you want to here.  

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12/6/2005 7:33 am

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Orgasms - Probably more than you want to here.

As far as I can tell there a basically 4 kinds of orgasms for men.

1. The Fizzle, also know as the "OK I came" orgasm. The orgasm could be completely done away with as far as I am concerned, but occurs more often than one would like, which is never. It consists of basically ejaculating small amounts of sperm just enough to run down your dick. Even though the hardness of the cock recovers fairly quickly, the disappointment has already set in for both partners and therefore it is known as the "Waste of time Manuever"

2. The Eruption. This is a farely usual orgasm that consists of ejaculating larger ammounts of sperm and frantically spasming. Very Enjoyable. The hardness comes back fairly quickly and is even harder. Usually will lead to another Eruption or and Explosion, or in rare occasions the Mount Vesuvius.

3. The Explosion. This orgasm is similar to the Eruption, but involves gaining "Big Air" with the ejaculation and more intense spasms. We live for these. Like the Eruption, the hardness of the cock usually returns rather soon. The hardness of the cock is even more intense. Side effect, the erection last an extremely long period and no other orgasm may be achieve within the next hour or so. If an 2nd orgasm is achieved, the result will likely be and Eruption or possibly another Explosion and a severe rest period will be required.(This is a side effect?)

4. Mount Vesuvius. Like the Explosion, "Big Air" is achieved. However more than the first squirt usually achieves "Big Air". The spasms are extremely violent and uncontrolled. This orgasm lasts much longer with actual ejaculation lasting a minute or two. The cock usually softens quickly after this orgasm. This orgasms almost always leads to prolonged periods of inmobility. As severe rest period will be required after this orgasm. This orgasm usually occurs after recieving extremely fantastic oral stimulation. This orgasm is never forgotten and is usually marked on a calender of recorded in some fashion within a scrapbook. WARNING - This orgasm can leaded to severe spasmatic shock or crippling muscle sprains.

I assume females have similar version including the ever popular multiple orgasm. I sure wish we guys had those.

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12/13/2005 3:43 pm

I find this extremely interesting, and I need to think about discribing my stages of orgasm's. Thanks for the topic, and info.


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