My Favorite Meal  

Rockhard2x6 54M
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11/28/2005 10:15 am

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3/5/2006 9:27 pm

My Favorite Meal

I can feel every pore of her tender flesh as my tongue slowly glides up her inner thigh. I can smell the soft sweet aroma of light perfume and take it in with each breath. I kiss the soft sensitive flesh that meets between her upper thigh and vaginal lips. I take it in, between my moist lips and lick it with my tongue. I notice a slight shutter within her and a soft moan. Gently, teasingly I slowly lick around the outer lips of her vagina. I slowly lick up the crease between the outer lips of her vagina. I can feel the neatly trimmed hair, still damp and warm from her recent shower as they slide across my lips and tongue. I slowly lick around the outer lips as she gradually succumbs to my touch, revealing her soft, sweet pink inner lips to me. Ever so slowly I lick around her clit with my stiffened tongue. Her hips shutter anticipating more. I zigzag my tongue across her tender flesh just below her clit. With soft tongue I lick down between her inner lips, tasting her sweet tender flesh. Using her pussy as my writing tablet I practice my a,b,c's. Every to slowly my first torturous "a" is written with a soft tongue. A exaggerated b is given her with a my stiffened tongue. Gradually I make my way through the alphabet alternating between my soft and stiffened tongue, keeping her pussy off balance and building her erotic sensations. I penetrate her sweetness with my stiff tongue, in-n-out, in-n-out. Her breathing quickens and she begins to arch her back. With stiff tongue I rake up between her inner lips penetrating her as I go. With softened tongue I circle around her clit several times. With slightly stiffer tongue I criss-cross her clit. I suck her clit between my lips and teasing flip it with my tongue. I inflict slow torturous punishment with my tongue as I encircle and lick her clit with soft and stiffer tongue. Her body is now fully arched, almost in agony from the prolonged wait for orgasm. Almost at orgasm now, I circle her throbbing clit with my tongue, her breath becomes deep and rapid. In one final deep breath and moan, her body shutters violently upward as she is thrown over the edge of orgasm. Muscles tightening, nerves tingling, she maintains an uncontrolled arch skyward until her body finally releases itself and she collapses upon the bed.

Yeah, that's my favorite meal.

tigger4u75 41F

11/28/2005 10:31 am

OH MY GOD! I think Im in love! To have a man enjoy something sooooo wonderfully pleasurable is a dream come true for any red blooded woman!! Thank you so much for that beautiful description!! I wish all men loved doing that that much!

Rockhard2x6 54M

11/28/2005 11:12 am

Any time tigger, I love it.

If only I were in Texas, or you were in Atlanta.

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