Live and Uncensored from the Naughty Bag of Toys  

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11/17/2005 11:52 am

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Live and Uncensored from the Naughty Bag of Toys

The day had finally arrived for you sexual rendezvous. We had arranged to me at a location convenient for both of us. Upon entering our room I just has to taste the luscious lips; the gorgeous full lips and sexy eyes that I had gazing at for days from you photo. We then proceeded on with our sexual adventure. I unpacked my laptop and set it up on the dresser. You unpacked your web cam and brought it over to me. I setup the session while you unpacked your naughty little bag of toys. Once started with our live remote we embraces for another long sensuous kiss. Slowly before our peers we undressed each other, kissing and licking exposed skin as be went. You handed me two of the silk scarves you had unpacked. I proceeded around behind you and gently tied one of the scarves into a blindfold over you eyes. You held you hands toward me and I tied your hands together loosely. I took the long end of the scarf around you hands in one hand, and guided you over to the bed. I gently laid you across the side of the bed, legs hanging over the side. I took two of the scarves and tied you feet to the side of the bed; you legs spread slightly apart. I proceeded around the other side of the bed and tied the scarf holding you hands. I leaned over with my lips close to yours; close enough you could feel my presence. You opened you mouth to receive my passionate kiss. I massage your body with my mouth, and hands working my way down your body until I was on the other side of the bed. I knelt down beside the bed and took you toes in my mouth to suck them. Then, I moved my way slowly up your legs and inner thighs, with passionate licks and kisses. I took my tongue and slowly lick around the sides of the outer lips of your pussy. Your begin to wiggle in delight. I lick up and down the lips until you have softened, spreading you slightly and exposing the soft inner lips. I continued licking your pussy until I could easily penetrate you with my tongue taking you closer to you first orgasm. I could taste the blood gorging within your pussy and I loved it. I backed away and took my hot, hard cock and massaged the lips of you pussy and your clit with its head. You wanted penetration so bad, but I made you wait first. Finally I slide the head of my cock down the lips of your pussy and pushed myself in. You moaned as you received the shaft with in you. I began my thrusts, slowly and first, building with each thrust, making sure to hit your G-spot with each stroke. I held your ass with one hand and fingered your clit with the other as I fucked you harder. You came with your first orgasm and I came inside of you. Still extremely aroused I withdrew and once again went down on you, like a tiger eating it's prey, fucking you more with my tongue until you had your second orgasm. We rest for a few moments taking in the pleasure. I let you lay undisturbed on the bed for a few minutes with I selected the right toy from your naught bag of toys. I loosened up the ties on your legs to allow a bit more availability of motion. By now I was hard again. I took some warming lubricate and stroked the head and shaft of my cock and put on a cock ring. I crawled up on the bed beside of you, then putting my hands under you and lifting you up I slide underneath you. You could feel my again hard cock between you legs. I put my hands under you lifting you up and spreading your ass for entry. You maneuvered you hips until you were in position and slowly I entered your ass with my cock. You began moving you hips forward and back riding my cock to your pleasure. I took the toy I had selected from your toy bag; a vibrator; and placed it near your pussy as you fucked my cock with your ass. At this moment you were unaware of this toy of pleasure was anywhere near. With the vibrator still off for the moment I rubbed in gently against your pussy and clit. I startled you for a moment, and then you realized what I had to pleasure you. I turned it on and began moving across you clit and pussy, you moaned at he joyous sensation. I slowly moved the toy down your pussy until I was at the shaft of my dick still deep within your ass. I touched the lower shaft of my dick with the vibrator. You could feel the glorious sensations up my hard cock and into your ass. I turned up the vibrator; you’re back arched in ecstasy. I slide the vibrator up the lips of your pussy and inside you. I could feel you grip the vibrator with your pussy and take in every stroke. I continued to fuck your pussy with the vibrator, your motion fucking my cock with your ass until you came in a glorious orgasm. As you arched in a spasm of orgasmic pleasure you brought me to climax; my hot cum filled you ass. I turned off the vibrator and we lay there motionless, taking in the pleasure of the moment, making ready for the sexual awakening that was still ahead.

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