I Take My Revenge (Final Chapter)  

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2/8/2006 6:27 am

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I Take My Revenge (Final Chapter)

It was very late after the game. We stood in line forever waiting for a bus to take us back to the Marta station. Finally we were on a Marta train on the one-hour ride back pick up my car. Most of this time the ride would be very boring, but I took this time to plan my revenge. We arrived at the Marta parking deck around 2 am. I could tell you were a little fatigued from the long evening that I know you did not enjoy all that much. We hard parked on one of the upper decks. By now the parking deck was almost vacant of cars and no-one else was around. This was perfect. We reached my car and I unlocked the door for you. Instead of opening the door, I grabbed both of your hands and spun you toward me and pinned you against the car door, just as I had at the stadium. I immediately pressed my lips firmly against yours. You returned with open mouth and once again our lips merged together, following each others moves like a well choreographed dance. I slipped my tongue between you lips to touch your tongue. You responded with your own tongue caresses and flips. Again I lost myself in the passionate frolic of our lips and tongue, inhaling your breath and you taking mine. Mouths still merged in breathless passion; I took you hands and slowly ran them across your breasts, down your stomach and down your waists and thighs. I then very slowly ran you hands against your skin, up your inner thighs, then ran you fingers across your wet pussy. I turned you hands toward me and pressed them against me, caressing you palms up and down across the hard cock within my pants. I picked up you up and carried you to the front of the car and laid you upon the hood. I unzipped my pants and pulled out my hard cock, standing at high attention. You spread you legs to take me in. I took the head of my cock and rubbed up you thigh and up and down the lips of your pussy. I could tell you were aching to take me inside. Now is when I take my revenge. I lean over and begin licking around the lips of your pussy, then up and down gently tasting the sweet center. I licked and flicked around your clit. One thing I have learned is how to tease a woman’s pussy and not let her cum, and I used it greatly to my advantage. You took you hands and tried to finger your self to relieve your torture, but I took them and held them against the hood of the car and continued my slow tongue torture keeping your clit totally off balance with the different pressure of my tongue. You were writhing and gasping upon the hood, saying “Fuck Me, Oh God Fuck Me”. After a few more torturous moments, I took my cock at thrust it suddenly inside you. You let out a loud gasp. You closed your legs around the shaft of my hardness so you could feel the full sensation of my cock stoking you furiously. I leaned more on top of you on the hood, pinning your hands to the car over your head. I love the feel of my balls slamming against your thighs over and over again. Before long we both organsmed hard. You tightly gripped my cock with your thighs. It was awesome.

kelly402005 52F

2/8/2006 5:49 pm

Good one!

Fox4aKnight1 43F

2/9/2006 5:52 am

damn good one Rock .....{=}

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