travels in Korea  

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10/3/2005 10:28 am

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travels in Korea

t was good to go to Korea after 4 months in the US. It's an interesting country... i was fascinated by their history and how their culture and people have stemmed from Central Asia and Mongolia. One of the things that was an obstacle was language. Hardly any Koreans spoke english.. or rather, anted to speak english and i found that limiting for my experience.

Some really beautiful Korean ladies... but i couldn't say a thing to them. Kinda sad that way.

TV was interesting. Watched ONGAMENET chennel where they broadcast Starcraft competitions... never seen that before. At some of the love motels, they had Korean porn on TV, but it wasn't very intersting. You can't show the genitals on TV so it was always the same positions and he same actors. haha.

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