Hot sexy Legs!  

Roamewr123 53M
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7/15/2006 10:15 pm
Hot sexy Legs!

I was coming home from The Danforth and seen a sexy lady in a tight blue dress, sheer beige stockings and heels. The dress was so tight you could see the outline of her thong.
She got on the same bus as me and sat across from me, and I was eyeing her legs up and down. She had sun glasses on but I could see her eyes and they were watching mine. I started to get a boner on and she noticed, I was wearing a tight pair of shorts and had no way of hiding it. She started to cross and uncross her legs and I could see she was wearing pantyhose and there where no panties there. There wasn't hardly anyone left on the bus so she uncrossed her legs and gave me a great shot of her pussy. I could see a small wet mark in her crotch and I could feel a small amount of pre-cum ooze out of my cock.
She got off the bus and I was in awe. I should of said something but I ended up coming home and shooting the biggest load in years....... Ah the beautiful sight of a shaved pussy clad in silky, sheer pantyhose.

ph_lvr_ks 48M

10/5/2006 6:27 am

wish I could have seen that

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