Hey but on a lighter note  

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7/9/2005 1:37 pm

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Hey but on a lighter note

Two sweets meet in the street.

Smarty says to Jelly Baby, "hey Jelly Baby, you comming to the pub tonight for a pint".

"No", says Jelly Baby, "every time I go to the pub I get me head kicked in, cause I'm soft".

"Come on", says Smarty, "You come with me, I'm a hardcase, I'll look after you".

After some persuasion Jelly Baby agrees.

That night in the pub, having a quite drink, the door flys open and in come a group of Tunes.

Smarty hides under the table when he see's them come in.

The Tunes spot Jelly Baby and give him a good kicking to within an inch of his life.

When the Tunes leave after having their sport, Jelly Baby peels himself of the floor and says to Smarty, "What happened to you, your a hardcase, you were supposed to protect me".

Smarty replies,"Are you mad, I'm not going near those Tunes, their MENTHOL they are".

hee hee the old ones are the best.

Happy shagging, and remember if it don't make you smile, it aint worth doin.

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