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10/18/2005 3:30 pm

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Creative Thoughts???

Here are some creative thoughts, as I come up with them, or as I find old ones that I have written in the past. This should be somewhat interesting for those of you who read it

RiverBurke 37M

10/18/2005 3:35 pm

Back in the day of room mates, I posted this for my co-inhabitants. I think it got the point across quite thuroughly... It was only a week before we talked to eachother again. ( I was rather proud of this note... feel free to make use of it for yourself) Hope this doesnt make me sound like a complete prick lol!


1. No perishable, or redolent garbage allowed inside the house! (That means food, diapers, anything that can rot, or give off an odor!)
2. No half eaten bowls of cereal, half glasses of milk, or partially devoured sandwiches left around the house. (That goes for any food or drink!!!) It all must be thrown out!
3. All dishes must be rinsed! No water or soaking, they must be rinsed, with no standing water! NO EXCEPTIONS!
4. All dishes must be placed in tub. Do not put water in tub. The tub is only there to contain the dishes, and keep sink empty, available, and sanitary!
5. Do not put tub in Sink.
6. ALL DISHES MUST FIT IN TUB! NO EXCEPTIONS!!! If all the dishes cannot fit in tub, WASH THEM!
7. All dishes must be put in strainer when they are washed. NO OVER FLOWING. If all the dishes do not fit in the strainer, PUT THEM AWAY! Damp towels off to the side are ruining the counter…. ALL DISHES IN THE STRAINER! (If all the dishes don’t fit in the cupboard, then we will store some away, until all the dishes fit in the cupboard)
8. Rinse sink out when dishes are finished.
9. Clean all crumbs from counters.

Fly season is almost here. I will not live in a house full of flies because of rotten food lying around. I also have not been able to cook for myself, be cause there is always a mess in the kitchen. I am sure you noticed, that I have been eating out, and have not done any work in the kitchen. If you stick to these guidelines, I will have no problem helping out again. Also, remember that this is my house, if I want something to be a certain way, IT WILL BE THAT WAY…. PERIOD!

RiverBurke 37M

10/18/2005 3:41 pm

I noticed the Rain

I watched rain fall today, droplets splashing onto the leaves of an apple tree in my backyard. Parched soil with a firm hard crust hankers for water, which the apple tree willingly renders to the ground from its leaves. If you listen closely you can hear blades of grass beckon with a low hiss as water droplets strike. Thirsty surfaces call out... HERE I AM!

RiverBurke 37M

10/18/2005 3:42 pm

Temporary Setback

Failed endeavors,
Drain the soul.
Senses deprived.
Whiskey filled
The empty body,
With hallow fulfillment.

RiverBurke 37M

10/18/2005 7:44 pm

This was an experimental piece of work exploring the dark side.

Last Day at the Lake
Upon the arrival of dusk one chilled autumn morning
He sits in his truck, perched with a picturesque view of the lake.
Taking in all its serenity as though this may be his final day.
Looking out the window there is a thin layer of fog on the waters surface.
Waves lap at the muddy shoreline which sits low in the basin,
waiting to be filled with winters rain once again.
The rays of the rising sun shyly peek over the rolling mountains,
shimmering off the liquid bed and thru the cotton blanket that covers it.
He rolls down a window and a cool dank breeze puffs into his truck,
nipping at his ears and tickling his nose bringing an uneasy sensation.
Gaining energy, it releases a sudden orgasm from his chest
sending a blast of fervent air through the caverns of his sinuses.
He smiles, chuckles, and then wipes the dampness from his nose.
Off to his side, a loon of the lake can be heard calling in the reeds.
Waterfowl have begun to gather in the shallows to feed.
Their pleasant conversation brings calmness to his soul.
Gripped in his right hand he feels the patterns of the handle with his thumb.
"This is the memory I want to depart" with he thinks.
He turns his truck off, raises his gun and places the barrel between teeth.
With a queer calm the trigger is pulled hurling a bullet through the back of his head.
Ripping through flesh, shattering bone the bullet exits and lodges itself in the roof.
Fallowing close behind, blood, brain, and fragments of skull coat the cab.
Still buckled in, a body slumps over.
As the blast reverberates across the basin the winged life departs from the lake.
He steps out of his truck and looks in.
"What have you done now?"

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