Bathroom Wall Whitt  

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10/16/2005 1:10 pm

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Bathroom Wall Whitt

This shall be dedicated to classic, off color, or even down right wrong bathroom wall humor

RiverBurke 37M

10/16/2005 1:21 pm

Above a toilet in a company stall, this was written above a crapper...

Contributions for (managers name) brain transplant.

The manager of course one day walked in and saw his name there, above that crapper, and became furious, took pictures of the graffiti and sent them off to upper managment... only thing that happened of this, was that the clever graffiti was removed from the stall. We never did find out who posted it

RiverBurke 37M

10/18/2005 12:17 pm

This isnt really bathroom wall whitt, but it is still good humor, at least I think it is... You ever hear the joke about the hungry trout and the fly? if not read on.

There was a hungry trout swimming in small stream. It looks up and notices a fly hovering about 18 inches above the water. the trout thinks to itself "if that fly drops two inches I can jump high enough and eat that fly".
On the bank of the stream, there is a hungry bear looking down watching the trout. The bear thinks to itself " if that fly drops two inches the trout will jump and I can swat it out of the air and have a nice little snack without getting wet".
On the other bank there is a hunter, and his pet cat fallowed along with him for the hunting trip. The hunter is watching the bear thinking to himself "If that fly drops two inches, the trout will jump, the bear will go for the trout, putting him in perfect posistion for a shot, so I can feed my family for the winter".
The cat sitting next to his master is watching a little mouse scurrying around on the bank near the bear. The cat thnks to himself, "If that fly drops two inches, the trout will jump distracting the bear, so I can jump across the stream and get that mouse and not get eaten by the bear myself".
All of a sudden the fly drops two inches, the trout jumps, the bear lunges for the trout, the hunter shoots at the bear, the cat jumps across the stream to get the mouse but only the cat mis judges the distance across the stream and takes a cold wet plunge into the water.
There is a moral to this story. Every time a fly drops two inches, a pussy gets wet.
Well I thought it was funny

RiverBurke 37M

10/18/2005 3:50 pm

An old cowboy rides his horse up to a local saloon. He hopps off of his trusty steed and ties it to a post. The old cowboy then walks to the rear for the horse and sticks his index finger into the horses rear and pulls it out. He then proceeds to rub the finger that is coated with the horses butt goo on his lips. A young cowboy observes this odd behaviour an is taken back by its grotesqueness. He shouts at the old cowboy "did I just see you do what I think you just did???!!!" The old cowboy replies, "yes you did, what of it boy?" The young cowboy asks "Why would you do such a thing?" the old cowboy replies "I have chapped lips". The young cowboy asks again, "Does that really cure chapped lips?" The old cowboy states, " No, but it sure does keep me from licking my lips".

RiverBurke 37M

10/21/2005 12:56 pm

What do Brussle sprouts and pubic hair have in common?

You brush them aside and keep on eating!

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