Diary of an exhibitionist  

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6/12/2006 3:54 am

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Diary of an exhibitionist

Hi K [not her real name], well, here I am again, alone in my hotel room, pants off, cock out, thinking of you.

I wonder what it's like for a young soon to be married girl like you to know that half way around the world, there's a guy jerking off to the idea of spraying your breasts with semen. Do you think I am just a dirty old man?

To me, it sure beats spraying semen all over the hotel room floor, which is what I'll end up doing.

I wonder how many cocks you have around the world, strumming for you. Do you dream of us all masturbating in unison, cooming as one, covering you in cream? I would love to be one of them K, it would be great.

Anyway, I've got my cock now just the way you like it - hard, stretched out, pointing up - with that litle bit of a curve so that he can slip easily into you.

So he's your cock now K, you do what you want.

Would you like to lick along the shaft, then around the rim under the head, then across the head, making me tingle as your tongue approaches the centre, already covered in droplets of pre cum? Do you like the taste? Would you like to take the full load in your mouth, and smear my semen on my lips when we kiss at last?

Or would you rather fold my cock between your beautiful 34 D breasts, holding me in their warmth, felling my penis pulsate to the rhytym of your heart beats? Lunging forward to discharge between your peaks, shooting snow along you to your chin - which you lick clean with obvious enjoyment.

Or do you like anal? Some girls do. Not sure it's my favourite - but he's your cock now K, what ever you want, you get.

I know what my favourite would be. You push me back down onto your bed. You grab my cock roughly, to make sure it is ready, up to your standard. Then, grinning, you move over me, get into position, then lower yourself, while you lead me into you. Past that soft pussy hair, between the moist opening lips, into your warm vagina. You push down, forcing me up into the depths of your cunt, until you gasp a little, your eyes widen, your mouth freezes - then smiles again.

Up again and down, up again and down, you ride me. Slowly at first, then picking up pace, as does your breathing.

I am transfixed, hypnotised by your swaying breasts. Watching your pussy triangle emerge on each upwards movement. Seeing my cock consumed each time you ram down on me.

Faster and faster now, your breasts bouncing wildly, your hand squeezing my balls, almost making me scream.

Until I feel the rush, you know it's time too, I push up harder than ever, you squeeze me into your vagina until sudenly we flood together.

Or in fact until I spray all over the floor. Another stain on the hotel carpet.

Risky B


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