Completely Honest Women Need Not Read This  

Ring_Master86 30M
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8/21/2006 5:21 pm

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8/22/2006 7:18 am

Completely Honest Women Need Not Read This

Okay, time for an update. Actually, it's past time. Long past time. But anyway...

Why is it that I know only one girl whom I believe has never lied to me about my performance in the sack? Okay, well, two or three. But the others... Okay, ladies, allow me to let you in on a little inside info on the male persuasion: We HATE being lied to about our sexual performance. That is one of the shittiest things you can do to a man and I personally view it as a form of betrayal. So a woman can bring herself to fuck some guy with a little dick who sucks in bed. Good for her, come on over my way I need you. But then, when the guy asks her how he was, she tells him he's hung like a horse and gave her four orgasms.

In the words of some famous rappers... Bitch, say what? Get the fuck out of my office. Are guys shy to tell a girl how to give a blowjob? Maybe some, but I sure as hell ain't. I never hesitate to tell a girl where to lick or to stop scratching my back so hard or anything like that, so why is it so hard for some of them to just tough it out? Do you have any idea why guys ALWAYS ask how they did? It's not so they can brag to their friends. They could easily make something up if that's all they want to do. GUYS ASK THOSE QUESTIONS SO THAT IF WE FUCK UP, WE CAN WORK ON IT AND GET BETTER. Not so we can continue thinking we blew away some girl's mind when what we really did was blow it, period.

If I don't come before the girl is too tired to go on, I tell her. I also tell her it's not her fault because I last like hell. And that's true. In most cases, anyway.

Many girls have told me I'm huge. And I'm well aware that they were lying. Who gives a shit? Apparently I was good enough to get them in bed, so fuck. And one girl (who set me off on this rant, incidently) confessed to faking an orgasm with me. Well I didn't come either but I didn't feel the need to fucking fake it, did I? Hell no.

Ladies, when a guy asks "so how was I?" he's not saying "please tell me I was like Ron fucking Jeremy so I can feel good about myself or else my head will explode like a watermelon with a bottle rocket in it." He wants the truth, dammit. So kindly give it to him, the way he would for you.

Okay, I have ranted. I am at peace. Have fun commenting.

rm_PurryKitty2 48M/49F
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8/21/2006 6:11 pm

Will do

Purry {=}


Mermaidslut 49F

8/21/2006 6:53 pm

it is not always about the "physical", that a "performance" is judged....

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