A Milestone...  

Ring_Master86 30M
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7/13/2006 6:41 pm
A Milestone...

I am halfway there. Halfway to achieving my lifetime goal. Halfway to my nirvana.

I had phone sex with two girls at the same time.

Oh yeah. Now, I realize that half the people on this site have probably done just that in real life, but until I join those lucky souls... I don't care. You have your moments, folks. Give me mine.
In the little scenario that the girls I was talking to cooked up, I was handcuffed to a bed on my back, which pleased me to no end as I didn't have to come up with anything to add. I just sat back, listened, and "played around" while they talked about straddling my face and dick at the same time, sucking me and making out with me at the same time, taking turns sucking me, and making out with each other with their faces right over my dick. Then, when they could no longer put it off, they joined in doing what I was doing in reality - good old-fashioned self-pleasure. Which turns out to be extremely satisfying when listening to two different girls on the phone, moaning and crying out as they do the same thing.
Well, to me, with my overabundance of home life and almost total lack of other life, that was a big milestone. I can't wait to join those two friends of mine in flat-screen, plasma, hi-def, 40-inch, LCD reality.

I have 210 points now. That's just enough to send an e-mail to someone in my area that matches my search criteria. Now which one...?

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