Gaining control.  

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9/6/2005 1:40 pm

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Gaining control.

"Turn around" you hear me say.

You look up into my eyes but you can see that I am not joking, there is no humour there just a steely blue gaze that gripped you when we first met earlier today.

You shuffle around on your knees on the bed so your back is to me, looking down and wondering what is to come in this evening of experiences.

"You wont be needing this' I say as I lift your dress off over your head and put it on the chair. You feel my hands on your shoulders working toward and then up you neck, massaging, touching, teasing the nerve endings and making your skin tingle where my fingertips touch. My fingers entwine themselves in your hair as I push your head forward so you are looking down at the bed. My finger tips slowly move down you neck and along your spine, my finger nails lightly tracing the path until I get to your bra.

"You wont be needing that either" I whisper into your ear as I bend forward to release the catch. The bra falls to the bed and you shiver as you reveal yourself to me. You can feel your nipples hardening even though you know I cannot see you breasts. The feeling of being exposed is making your body respond without your instruction.

"Shoulders back, arms behind you" comes the command and you comply.

The soft rope being coiled up your arms, binding them together feels like a soft but firm sleeve locking your arms together below the elbow down to the wrists. You hands can move but your shoulder are forced back causing your breasts to be pushed further forwards.

"Down" is all you hear as I push back down to the bed whilst keeping your bottom pointed up.

My fingers trace around your tied arms moving along your back once more pausing and then passing the waistband of your panties as they continue their decent down your legs stopping at your bent knees and then slowly, gently lightly tracing the path up the inside of your thighs. You shudder and goose bumps appear on your legs as my fingertips stimulate your sensitive skin working up to your most private of places.

"We have no use for these either" you hear, gasping as I roughly pull your panties down off of your legs and put them to one side.

You are open, exposed and you can feel my gaze on the folds of your womanhood. You are wet already and I haven’t even started yet.

I take a gentle finger and moisten the tip with your excitement, rubbing it through your folds and wetting your clitoris. I rub back and forth once, twice, three times ........ and then you let out a low moan. You are almost ready.

I come around in front of you on the bed and lift your shoulders up so you are facing me and then continue to lower you down until you are on your back, your head hanging off the end of the bed. I move your legs so the heel of your foot is back against your bottom and then you feel a new length of rope tying around your upper and lower leg holding them together. The process is repeated for your other leg and whist your feet are free you cannot straighten your legs.

I get off the bed and come to stand above your head. You can see my desire outlined by my trousers, your mouth gets moist and you whisper to me 'please'..... Just the one word. I know what you want, you cannot take your eyes off the swelling above your face but this is not your time for control. That comes later.... if you are good. For now you have no say in what comes next or how your body is used, you only know that this is a night you are going to remember ..........

“what do you want” I ask, knowing the answer but wanting to hear you say it, to hear the words that will bring the smile to my lips.
“You” Is the reply.
“ you know better than that, tell me exactly what you want.”
“To see you.”

I slowly undo my trousers, let them fall to the floor and stop out of then. You can’t help but gaze up, looking at the bulge in my underwear before your eyes. You know you are on display and you know that it is being like that has had the desired effect on me. You can see it and it makes you shudder to know that I am not the only one with control.

I remove my shirt and then slowly release myself from my underwear. There above your eyes is something you helped to create and not you want it. Want to feel the velvety smooth texture on your tongue, the sense of being filled as I enter you and the blissful feelings that wash over you as we both explode together but you are betting ahead of your self. You can see it, examine it but it is just out of reach. Even stretching your neck, pushing your tongue out you cannot reach so you settle back knowing that it will happen when I am ready but unsure if you can wait that long.

I place my finger on your lips and you suck it into your mouth, teasing it with your tongue, suck and playing, trying to show how good it would be to replace it with what you really want but I know your game and mine is not finished yet.

I gently pull my finger out and you realise that your ploy has not worked. I know that making my finger is not needed as I can see you are wet enough already but I know you want to tease me as well, showing me what I could have if only I would give in to temptation and give you what you want.

I bend over, seeking my goal and in the process lowering myself so I am resting on your cheek. You can feel my warmth on your soft skin. Hard and yet so soft, pulsing in time with my heart. You can smell me. The muskiness mixed with the fresh smell of soap when you inhale. You want to take me, taste me, show me how good you can be but it is then you realise that you cannot reach the head with your mouth. By bending forward I have gone further than your mouth can stretch and you cannot help a frustrated moan escaping your lips.

I smile but you cannot see. The only thing in you vision is the thing that you helped create, the thing that would bring you so much please if only you could convince me to use it to give you what your body craves.

“Hush my darling, the time is not right” I whisper

And then you feel it. The finger you teased, played with and tried to break my resolve with, touching you, lightly sliding down one side of your vulva then up the other side. Never threatening to go inside, never touching the sweetest of spots that would bring a release to the feelings that are now coursing through your body. Your nipples are aching , being rubbed gently by my chest as I rock backwards and forwards concentrating on my tough and your pleasure. Your wetness is now seeping between your bound legs as my finger massages it on its journey through your folds. Your clitoris is throbbing and you squirm in your captive state to try and make contact with my finger as it reaches the apex of it’s travels but you don’t have enough room to manoeuvre and you cannot get the friction you so badly need.

Suddenly you feel something different. A tingling but not from where you would expect. It is lower and then it hits you. My finger has found your other entrance, the place you were always told was to dirty to touch. Massaging, teasing but never going inside. Lubricated by your excitement and just as you open your mouth to cry out “no!” my tongue descends and flicks over the tip of your clitoris.

You throw your head back in a silent scream and at that moment I shift my body back. As you head comes back you find me waiting at the entrance to your mouth and you engulf me. Sucking as you bob your head slowly up and down. Taking me as far as you can go. Feeling me swelling inside as you push me to the back of your throat and then you realise, my tongue is matching your stokes. Slowly licking the length of your womanhood and you devour me with your mouth.

You feel my hands around the backs of your tied legs and feel them being forced back to your chest. You are now open, fully exposed to my licking, probing tongue as it searches for your pleasure. Tasting you, teasing you, matching your rhythm stroke for stroke. Each stroke descending lower towards that place that you fear to be touched but only a few moment before felt so good. Knowing there is nothing you can do to stop it taking away you inhibitions. Tonight is for pleasure and not for guilt. Tonight is when I get to teach you that if it feels good then it can’t be wrong.

My tongue strokes over your entrance and you feel the nerve endings cry out in pleasure. You never know it could feel like that being touched there and taking a deep breath you plunge all the way down on me. Filling your throat and hearing me gasp as you do. You speed up. Plunging your mouth onto my hardness, using your tongue to whip around the head, flicking the nerves, bringing them to life and in doing so feeling my breath becoming deeper and more ragged as my the tip of my tongue is now working hard on your clitoris. You can feel your passion rising, all your nerves as singing. You feel as if your body is climbing a hill, knowing that your goal is at the top if you can only keep the pace. Your neck is aching and your body is covered in a thin film of perspiration but you do not stop or even flow down as you know that to stop would mean tumbling back down the hill.

The blood is pounding in your ears and your vision is blurred, your body is moving on it’s own and your hips are thrusting off the bed as you try to match the strokes of my tongue until suddenly with a cry I pull clear of your mouth with a shout.


I squat down, lips next to your ear and whisper “just a little longer”.

You have fallen, come crashing from the hill. You were so close to the light but were never able to touch it. Where your nerves were singing, now they are screaming and you feel a tear slip from the corner of your eye. I wipe it away with the tip of my finger and kiss your cheek.

“It will be worth it” I reassure you

I roll you over and lift you up so you are on your knees, Hands still tied behind your back so you cannot push your face from the bed. It is hard to breath and you turn your head to the side. You are helpless, depressed and wondering what could give back what was stolen from you. Bitter and confused but knowing there is nothing you can do but hate me for denying you what you need and then you feel it. Something rubbing between your legs, it is not a finger, it is too big for that. Soft but unyielding it slide past your entrance and over your clitoris and there it is, the spark. You gasp. Dim to start with but each time I move forwards with my hips and I rub over your clit it is there. Like the returning flame of dying fire rekindled you hand onto it, nurture it and help it grow, and grow it does. Slowly building from a spark to a flame, you start moving your hips back at me.

You try to speed up with your once again mounting excitement but your bonds are restricting your movement.

“Nooo” you whimper in frustration and then rather than sliding past your clitoris I am deep inside you. Filling you up, stretching you wide and it feels good. You feel full both in body and in mind and you know this time you must have your ending but still you cannot move enough to climb the hill.

Then you feel my hand in yours and leaning back I lift your chest off the bed. Your shoulder feel like they are being pulled out with your arms tightly bound together. You breasts are thrust out towards the bed and your head is hanging down when you hear the words you have been longing for……
“Fuck me.” And you move. With my support, holding your hand you find you can rock back and forth on your knees. Taking me inside and then withdrawing until only the head remains, only to rock back again feeling me filling you up.

You are rocking faster, sweat from the effort forming on your back, giving a sheen to your skin, your heart is pounding but you know you must get there. It is within reach if only you can endure for a little longer. You are panting, trying to catch your breath, your throat is dry and you don’t know if you can go on any longer when ……

“Come for me” whisper and suddenly you realise I have been holding something back, you have not been taking all of me but suddenly, now you are. Deeper than before I glide in, brushing past your g-spot and pushing forcibly through your cervix. It feels good, so much better than before and with those words joined with the added depth you lift your head and scream, and scream, and scream. You have reached the top, the light is beautiful and all you can see is white. You body is trembling, muscles spasming, nerves shouting, rejoicing as the wave of your orgasm engulfs your body. I continue to thrust and just as you are coming down, you feel me throb inside you, growing harder, bigger stretching you more and then with a hoarse cry I explode, setting off another wave crashing over you. You fill me spurting inside you, filling you with my essence, my desire. Then ever so slowly the feelings start to calm, fading, draining away with my slowing movements. Until I stop and gently lower you onto the bed again.

I slip from you and quickly release the tied that bind you. You arms and legs feel week and you carefully stretch them out. They protest but you don’t care. The discomfort was worth it. I kneel in front of you and lightly brush the hair from your face. There are tear in your eyes and the feelings coursing though your body have yet to fully subside. You feel drained but fulfilled and as I climb back onto the bed, pulling your head onto my chest you drape and arm over me. You can hear my heart beat deep inside matching the rhythm of yours and you know we are one together. For this one brief moment in time tow people have been joined in bliss and although fleeting it was perfect.

You look up at me and softly place your lips on mine. You sign and look up into my eyes. A hint of a smile flicks across your lips. You did it, you earned it and tomorrow the control is all yours…………

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