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11/22/2005 12:15 pm

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Well guess I have the great news, bads thing going. I have been in contact with a subbie girl who I think might have all the attributes that I desire. Bad news is that she is involved with another Dom, so to speak.

We have spoken about her involvement with him. And she is not collared. However, there is always a however in life it seems, lol, there are rules to her involvement with others.

I have my own rules too. I do not become the Dom in between. We can talk, we can chat but no play. Also we do not discuss what things I would like to do to her in the future. You can't go there,so why bother,lol. No Bitching about what the Dom is doing unless it falls into the SSC realm of things and I will be the first to step up

And there are personal reasons why I do not want to go down those avenues. The main one being, it is so direspectful to the Dom. I do not expect anyone to do that to me and I would never do that to someone else.

The rules changed somewhere along the line when it comes to D/S realtionships. Many point the finger at the internet. Others like to bring up the aurguement of constant change and the evolution of BDSM.

Personally I think people change the situation to fit their need. And since we are constantly on the move, running here, running there. Traditional(old guard) type D/S is a rare thing. When you have 2 members having to bring in the paycheck, roles and responsibilty becomes jumbled and confusing.

That is why you see more and more ppl who only role-play the d/s scene. Others say that is what they want, the structure, the duty, the serving of another. Only to discover that this is not what they really want. Being a sub/slave full-time is one if the hardest sacrifices one can do for another.

Well I have ranted enough. Bottomline: If you are involved in a D/S relationship stop look and listen to your sub, you may learn something.

rm_tinkertame 46F
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11/22/2005 9:18 pm

But good Sir.... there are many Dom's that will not listen to their sub's and or just give lip service and continue on with quid pro quo. Thar is when the sub needs to step up and ask for release. It is just like any other relationship.. it takes time and work and the big "C" word. COMMITMENT. On both sides not just the submissives. IF she is weak she has no needs to be submissive.. it take a strong woman to kneel at the foot of a Man. The need to be able to think for themselves while being guided by another, know themselves, their limits and what they are personally willing to put in the relationship. Like any other relationship vanilla or not it takes 100% commitment on both sides.

~grins~ okay.. now I have had my rant for the day. Love it when You make me think. LOL

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