You gotta be kidding right?  

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4/18/2006 11:25 pm

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You gotta be kidding right?

Oh boy, this post isnt probably gonna help me find that great woman I'm looking for but oh well LOL. I've always known there were some slime balls on this site as I'm sure all of you do. Well, unless youre a slime ball then you probably dont know it haha. Umm, some of the women on this site think that they are so amazing that they say right in their profile that the man better have lots of money LOL. Now listen, I make good money and I am lucky cause not everyone does but if you think that putting that in your profile is gonna make me jump at the chance to be with you, you are an asshole! There is a name for women who want money for sex and we all know what that is right?

Now, I love going out and having fun and when I do I spend my cash but I honestly get the feeling that these women are just whores looking for cold hard cash for a quick role in the sack. First of all, if I wanted to sleep with a whore, I would run down to the local whore areas and get one LOL. BUT, since I have no need for disgusting disease infested ho bags I wont be doing that. Secondly, if you ask men to pay for sex on this site, thats exactly what you are!!! YOU ARE A WHORE!!! To me this is amazing cause I have visions of no more whores on the streets. They will all be in cyber space ho'ing around online haha.

Like I said, I'm sure that I am not making any friends here but I just had to say something about the "red light district" of this site!!! To the women who do this, You are some sick ass bastards LOL go get a friggin street corner and a pimp and get off this site! ARGH!!!

Anyway, I will be on all night cause I have tomorrow off. Lucky me. I hope to hear what you all think of these whores and if it makes you laugh as hard as I do when I read one of their profiles.

Have a good night!


4/19/2006 12:17 am

about damn time some one said it. they need to delete all those damn profiles ,too give the ladies who are realy looking for a honest hook up a chance to be found. i pay my own way thank you, no strings means no strings, that includes the wallet, besides a man is better in bed when he hasnt opened his wallet all keep on it babe, your a hotty good luck with it.

RightForIt 37M

4/19/2006 1:23 am

LOL thanks I'm glad the first comment was by a smart human haha. Dont get the wrong Idea here folks. I have no problem spending cash but the point is I am not willing to spend cash on some whore who only wants my cash.I want the hook up but I also want someone who isnt a ho bag LOL. Thanks for the comment!

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